Pat Davis: Longmont Needs Mike Foote

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When Boulder County D.A., Stan Garnett, decided to vacate the office and go into private practice, Governor Hickenlooper chose to fill the interim opening with Michael Dougherty, a Boulder resident who has been an assistant DA in neighboring counties for several years. Hickenlooper could have made another choice for this position – Mike Foote, who has been the Boulder County Deputy D.A. for the past 14 years. Mike has been an exemplary prosecutor, gathering high marks from his peers and co-workers, as well as commendatory praise from Garnett, himself. Why HICK selected Dougherty, I do not know. What I do know, is that Mike Foote is the better fit for Longmont.

Additionally, Mike has served in the Colorado Legislature, effectively representing the people of east Longmont, Lafayette and Louisville. And Mike has continuously challenged Oil and Gas operators, often putting him at odds with Hickenlooper.

A 17 year resident in the county, Mike has developed strong, personal relationships with many folks in Longmont and east Boulder County. He knows our community well, and understands our diverse population, its concerns and needs. As both county deputy DA and state legislator, Mike has worked closely with leaders in our Latino community, especially on matters regarding immigration. He is an advocate for Restorative Justice, an alternative program for those who need treatment instead of jail. He supports local environmental activists. He works with our governmental agencies and other organizations, all in an effort to solve problems and bring people together.

Mike shows up. He does not sit waiting for others to come to him. He has spent his entire professional life working in Colorado and is a dedicated public servant. He shares our values, understands our culture and is a compassionate man. As prosecutor, he will never forget his purpose: to seek justice, not just incarceration.

Speaking as a long time resident of Longmont, I choose Mike Foote.

Pat Davis
Longmont, CO

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