The Bantering of Rose and J.J.: Who Ya Gonna Call?

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The Bantering of Rose and J.J.: Who Ya Gonna Call?
The Bantering of Rose and JJ

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Photo courtesy of Rose Cardella and J.J. Zepp

*Warning this podcast may contain explicit language. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the contributors and may not necessarily be shared by the Longmont Observer.

This week Rose and J.J. discuss who you call for legal advice.

Who are Rose and J.J.?

Rose Cardella grew up in Boulder and has lived in Longmont for the last 6 years. From ages 16-18 she spent in a lockdown WWASPS behavior modification program in southern Utah. She has had to overcome troubles with suicide, drugs, and relationships. She now works as a cosmologist in Longmont and is currently writing a book on her experiences.
J.J. Zepp is a recovering addict who’s currently on probation and is doing everything he can to not harm himself or others anymore.  He is constantly trying to improve himself and live with a sense of gratitude in all his efforts.

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