Opinion: Sandra Nye-Prescription Drugs Pricing Out of Control

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Photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash

Written By: Sandra Nye

I am urging our elected officials to stand up to drug corporations. Lower Drug Prices Now! Prescription drug prices are out of control. HB1260 would require pharmaceutical companies to report and provide explanations for increases in drug prices. It’s time for drug pricing transparency. As my representatives, I urge you to vote YES on HB1260 to fight for affordable drugs for all Coloradans.

Drug corporations have been raising prices with no reason for years now, and their price gouging must stop.

I personally have faced challenges affording my prescription drugs which is why I strongly support House Bill 1260. HB1260 would bring much-needed transparency to drug pricing in Colorado.

I urge our representatives to vote YES on House Bill 1260 to help Coloradans like me afford the prescription drugs we need.

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