Ingrid Moore: Ballots Mailed Out This Week: Support for Mike Foote

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Photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash

Ballots were mailed out this week for the June 26 primary election. It
is important to vote for all positions on the ballot. The Boulder County
District Attorney’s race is particularly important because this primary
will decide the next DA as only Democratic candidates are running.

While we are lucky to have two experienced candidates for this office,
Mike Foote is the most imminently qualified and is my enthusiastic
choice. He has been the Boulder County Deputy DA for the past 14 years,
and state House District 12 Representative during six of those.

What sets Mike apart are his experience as a legislator, and his promise
to also pursue environmental crimes. The Boulder office has not
previously chosen to pursue such crimes, deferring to the state, and the
state has not stepped up to hold polluters accountable. Mike says, “our
district attorney should be ready to investigate and prosecute a crime
no matter the identity and status of the defendant.” The DA does have
discretion as to which cases to prosecute, and the DA has authority to
go after polluters under two state laws governing air and water quality.
I trust Mike’s judgement that it can be done, and he understands that
Boulder County residents clearly want such actions taken.

Mike has dedicated his career to serving his fellow citizens in Boulder
County. He has been endorsed by the entire legislative delegation,
community leaders, attorneys and prosecutors, elected municipal
officials, and the Sierra Club. Mike has the right combination of
experience, practical legal knowledge, and commitment to our community.

The industry-friendly governor has attempted to choose our next DA for
us by the interim appointment of Michael Dougherty. We have the
opportunity to make our own choice. Please make your voice heard and
join me in voting for Mike Foote.

Ingrid Moore is a Longmont resident.

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