Morning Brief: Longmont City Council June 12, 2018 Meeting Recap

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(Sergio R. Angeles / Longmont Observer)

The Longmont City Council held a regular meeting on June 12, 2018. All members were in attendance with the exception of Councilmember Peck.

The following ordinances and resolutions were presented as first readings and were approved for a second reading. No decisions were made on the ordinances or resolutions and each will have a second reading set for a future city council meeting.

O-2018-26, A Bill For An Ordinance Amending Section 3.04.885 Of The Longmont Municipal Code, Adopting An Amended And Restated City Of Longmont General Employees’ Retirement Plan (Public Hearing And Second Reading Scheduled For June 26, 2018)

O-2018-27, An Ordinance Authorizing The Issuance Of The City Of Longmont, Colorado, Open Space Sales And Use Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2018 (Public Hearing And Second Reading Scheduled For June 26, 2018)

O-2018-28, A Bill For An Ordinance Revoking The Landmark Designation Of 525 Collyer Street (Public Hearing And Second Reading Scheduled For June 26, 2018)

R-2018-60, A Resolution Of The Longmont City Council Approving The Intergovernmental Agreement Between The City And Boulder County For The Lease Of The Boulder County Fairgrounds Park For The Longmont 4Th Of July Fireworks Display 

R-2018-61, A Resolution Of The Longmont City Council Approving The Intergovernmental Agreement Between The City And The Bureau Of Justice Assistance Of The United States Department Of Justice For Grant Funding For The Purchase Of Bulletproof Vests 

R-2018-62, A Resolution Of The Longmont City Council Authorizing An Agreement Between The City And LLF Holdings, LLC For The Purchase Of Real Property For The Resilient St. Vrain Project 

R-2018-63, A Resolution Of The Longmont City Council Approving The Memorandum Of Understanding Between The City And The State Of Colorado, Department Of Local Affairs For The Division Of Housing To Repurpose Home Program Income For The Fall River Senior Apartments 

Accept The City Of Longmont’s 2018/2019 Water Supply And Drought Management Plan 

The following ordinance was voted on by the city council. This second reading ordinance passed 6-0 with Councilmember Peck being absent.

O-2018-25, A Bill For An Ordinance Authorizing The City Of Longmont To Lease The Real Property Known As Vance Brand Municipal Airport Hangar Parcel H-28E (The Premises) To Aero-Sphere, Inc. (Tenant)

The following issues fell under General Business. Presentations were made concerning both issues and council discussed each.

Riverset Mixed-Use (21 S. Sunset Street) Annexation Referral

Update On Inclusionary Housing Items Including Items Requested From Consultant

Dungeons and Dragons: New role-playing game series comes to the Library this summer

The following is a press release from the Longmont Public Library and is published by the Longmont Observer as a public service.

Longmont teens and tweens won’t have reason to complain of boredom this summer because the Library is offering a brand new Dungeons & Dragons weekly series for kids between the ages of 9 and 17. Dungeons & Dragons 101 will be hitting the Library on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm from June 19 through July 31.

Tweens and teens will learn to play D&D in a fun group setting with a Dungeon Master Extraordinaire. This program is designed for D&D beginners, and each week will have a different D&D focus. Participants will find out what all the multi-sided dice are for, play their way through a fun adventure, and make new friends in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Registration is required, and participants can register for one or more sessions at a time. Interested tweens and teens can register online at Those without an email address that they can use may call (303) 651-8477 to register.

Nature’s Root Awarded Advance Longmont Target Industries Grant

The following is a press release from Longmont Economic Development Partnership and is published by the Longmont Observer as a public service.

Left to Right – Ariel Wishkovsky, Small Business Economic Development Specialist, Longmont EDP; Tracee Box, Owner, Nature’s Root (Photo courtesy of LEDP)

The Longmont Economic Development Partnership (EDP) awarded Nature’s Root a $6,000 grant as part of the Advance Longmont Target Industries Grant to assist new and expanding businesses in target industries exemplifying strong economic clustering in Longmont, Colorado.

Nature’s Root, located at 425 S Bowen Street in Longmont, is a part of the burgeoning hemp industry in Colorado and locally in Boulder County. On a local level, Longmont has seen the location or expansion of multiple facilities supporting the manufacture and sale of hemp products supported by Longmont EDP and City of Longmont programs and resources.

Nature’s Root’s is experiencing significant growth, including transitioning from a full-service spa utilizing hemp infused lotions to a full-scale production facility manufacturing a wide range of hemp-based and hemp-infused products.

In a prepared statement, Nature’s’ Root Owner Tracee Box wrote:

“As a five-time award winning company, Nature’s Root, a hemp and CBD company based out of Longmont, Colorado, is dedicated to producing responsible organic hemp products for quality skin care and CBD Therapeutic purposes.  In addition to our award-winning line-up we were the first hemp-based spa in the nation and now provide calming day spa services throughout our Nature’s Root Spa Network.”

“As a highly recognized hemp company, it is our passion to serve others. Our team members are committed to working tirelessly with the objective being to explore and create fresh, innovative products that will bring about rejuvenation and whole-body healing.  The pulse of our company is set on establishing the highest quality organic hemp-based therapeutic and beauty products.  We firmly believe that hemp products can impact our world in immensely positive ways and we desire to help people rediscover its restorative power, one curative product at a time. The products we offer range from CBD tinctures and capsules, natural pain-relieving oil, salves, lotions, body and face scrub, lip balms and more.”

More information about Nature’s Root and their products and services can be found on their website at

The Advance Longmont Target Industries Grant is designed to support Longmont’s primary and local businesses in their expansion efforts. Utilizing Envision Longmont and the Advance Longmont Target Industries, the Advance Longmont Target Industries Grant functions by attracting and supporting new and expanding businesses to the area, assisting business owners with building improvements, and assisting with the cost of permitting and licensing, regulatory compliance, equipment purchases or exterior and façade improvements. This program reimburses eligible expenses, up to the preapproved grant amount, for projects that submit an application and meet all of the criteria of the grant program. Funded by the City of Longmont, the Advance Longmont Target Industries Grant awards up to $10,000 with a priority given to businesses already established in Longmont.

More information about the Longmont Economic Development Partnership and all grant programs, including their respective applications can be found on the Longmont Economic Development Partnership website at

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