Morning Brief: Award-winning Colorado Noir Author, Jon Bassoff, Speaks to Longmont Writing Workshop on June 26

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Photo from Jon Bassoff’s Facebook page

Award-winning Colorado Noir Author, Jon Bassoff, will be attending the Writing Workshop at the Longmont Public Library on June 26 from 6-7:30 p.m. The Writer’s Group meets in the “Unquiet Study Area” on the second floor. Registration for the event is not required.

“Jon Bassoff will help writers stretch beyond their comfort zone,” states a press release from the Longmont Public Library. He will discuss Faulkner’s three elements of writing: experience, observation and imagination and how they can be combined to write a compelling novel. He will also discuss how to write what you don’t know.

The Longmont Writing Group is excited to welcome Bassoff to their group and to learn from his experience writing and publishing his works. The group invited Bassoff because of a recommendation by the Longmont Pubic Library staff.

The Writer’s Group is also looking for authors to speak at their events. The Writer’s Group can be contacted through the Longmont Public Library.

Boulder District Attorney Warns of New Contractor Scams After Severe Storms

The following is a press release from the Boulder County District Attorney and is published by the Longmont Observer as a public service. 

District Attorney Michael Dougherty advises Boulder County residents to exercise caution when considering making home repairs in the wake of the severe storms occurring this week.

Scammers often pose as hail damage experts, contractors, handymen or repair people and visit property owners in the aftermath of severe weather, whether or not property has been damaged.  These repair people typically travel door-to-door, and may offer to inspect homes, cars or property to assess damage.  They then “find” damage that the resident was not aware of, and ask for a deposit – or even full payment – up front to pay for the cost of the materials they need to make the repairs.  The scammers then disappear with the resident’s money.

Other home repair hoaxes also peak during summer months.  In these scenarios, a contractor or repair person appears at a resident’s door, telling the resident that they have unused materials left over from another job in the neighborhood and offering a great price to perform work on the spot.  They might pose as driveway pavers, landscapers with surplus plantings, or other home repair workers.  Even if it really is a bargain (by no means a sure thing), taking them up on the offer is risky if the resident has no idea who the contractor is and hasn’t checked references.  And there is seldom a way to find that repair person again if the work is unsatisfactory.

The Community Protection Division of the Boulder County District Attorney’s office (CPD) advises residents to be vigilant in their dealings with clean-up companies, contractors, builders and others offering repairs, especially in the wake of the damaging storms this week.  Those in Boulder County who want to check out a business can contact the CPD at (303) 441-3700, and are also advised to follow these tips:

  • Never hire a contractor or repair person on the spot, whether it’s an emergency repair person who shows up after a major storm, or someone claiming to have surplus materials and offering a great price.  Take your time to check repair people out to make sure they have a good reputation and do quality work.
  • Do not contract with repair people who come door-to-door claiming that they may have been hired by a neighbor.  Check out their trucks, cars and equipment for local addresses and phone numbers.  Note license plate numbers and states where license plates are from.
  • Get more than one estimate, in writing and on company letterhead/forms.
  • Check out any company with whom you think you would like to do business with the Colorado Secretary of State, the Better Business Bureau and the CPD.
  • Verify that a contractor is licensed.  Contact the city or county Land Use office where your property is located.
  • Never pay the full price for repair or contract work until the work is completed and you are satisfied.  Experts recommend not paying more up front than $1000 or 10% of the job total, whichever is less.
  • Use a contractor that is locally established, and recommended by friends or family.  Always ask for and check references.
  • Make sure everything you and the contractor agree on is written into the project description.  Add any items that are missing, put your initials next to each addition, and have the contractor initial, too – all before you sign.

For further information, call the CPD at (303) 441-3700.

Open Call to Artisans and Vendors for Intercambio’s World Market

The following is a press release from Intercambio and is published by the Longmont Observer as a public service. 

Intercambio Uniting Communities is looking for local artisans, visual artists and vendors to participate and have a 6’x6’ booth space at their World Market, happening on September 8 th at the Boulder County Fairgrounds (9595 Nelson Rd, Longmont, CO 80501) from 6:30pm-10:30pm.

The event will take place as part of their 17th annual La Fiesta “Underwater” World Party ( Vendors will have the opportunity to sell their goods to over 1200 attendees, while supporting Intercambio’s mission to improve immigrant lives through English education and uniting communities across cultures. A 6’ table and electricity is included with the $50 participation fee.

Applications due July 9, 2018. Responses may be given in Spanish!
Register at


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