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The goal of the Skyline Education Foundation is to raise money to support and improve academics in the Skyline community. A current, concentrated initiative at Skyline High School has been to increase participation in the Advanced Placement program.

Offering A.P. classes is a proven way to expose students to the expectations of a college level class with the possibility of attaining college credit. The success of Skyline High School’s efforts have led to a significant, sustained increase in participation. In 2013, 235 total exams were given, in 2017, 544 were given. Since beginning this initiative, Skyline students have also consistently achieved a pass rate equal to the global average (+/- 2%) ensuring that students are rising to and meeting expectations. Skyline Education Foundation has committed to supporting students financially by defraying half of the A.P. testing fees incurred.

If the Foundation does not continue to fund these costs, the fees charged by College Board who administers the Advanced Placement program would be unduly burdensome for many of our students and their families. All contributions to the Live and Give campaign will be used to continue to fund reduced Advanced Placement testing fees so we may encourage and challenge all students to achieve their highest level of academic success.

With nearly 1,400 students, Skyline High School is the largest high school in the St. Vrain Valley School District and has a student population where 52% qualify for the district provided Free/Reduced lunch program.  47% percent of the student population receive English Language Learner Services.

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About the Live & Give Program:

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On September 26th, Live & Give Longmont brings our community together for 24 hours of generosity. With everyone in the community giving whatever they can, we hope to raise start up funds for a few projects in our community. It’s about working together to accentuate the place we love—so it will continue to thrive today and for generations to come.