Paceline Elite Performance Gym Now Officially Open

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(Sergio R. Angeles / Longmont Observer)

Candice Schwartz and her husband opened up Paceline Elite Performance Gym, on October 30, 2017, and became the first gym in the country that uses the Wattbike.

“The message that we are trying to get across to most people is that we are not a spinning studio. We don’t even like being called an indoor cycling studio. People don’t come here to cycle, they come here to train for specific goals and reasons. We just use an amazing indoor bike as one of our training tools.

“The Wattbike measures power but it also measures over 100 different metrics every second while you pedal. So you are getting live feedback of your body. So it’s your heart rate, it’s your power, which muscles are engaging at which time, where there are deficiencies, where there are dead spots, and that gives us data that we can use to train you and optimize your performance,” stated Schwartz.

Paceline Elite Performance believes, “If you have a body, you are an athlete and anyone can train at any level.” Schwartz mentions how, “in South Africa and in the UK, they use these Wattbikes as a rehabilitation tool.” In addition to the rehabilitation benefits, the Wattbike can also give a more experienced athlete a higher intensity workout, with one hour of Wattbike training being equivalent to 2-3 hours on a regular bicycle.

“We want to be the best athletic facility available in Longmont. We want to give the athletes who are competitive in Longmont somewhere where they can train indoors, somewhere that is safe, somewhere that they are getting a true training session, cause nothing rivals our bikes. They can even ride on their own bicycle and won’t get as effective of training because of the amount of data they get here and because of the way the bike is designed.”

Some of the services the gym offers are: group training, customized cycling training on the Wattbike, gymnastics strength training (1 on 1 or group training), with introductory training and initiation training in the eventual plan. The Wattbikes themselves have training programs, one of which is the same one used by the British Army. Candice also plans to use her skills as a functional nutritionist by offering nutritional advice to those who seek it.

Paceline Elite Performance Gym is open Monday-Friday from 5 a.m. – 8 p.m., Saturday from 6 a.m. – noon and closed Sunday. The first lesson is free, and their introductory launch special offer rate is $45 for the first month.

The Paceline Elite Performance Gym is located at 1020 Kenn Pratt Blvd. For more information, you can call them at 720-204-4337 or visit their website.