The Longmont Observer is Going to Interview Dr. Temple Grandin


As many of you know, Dr. Temple Grandin will be speaking at the Vance Brand Auditorium in Skyline High School on Tuesday, September 12. The tickets for this event sold out within 30 minutes of being released. The tickets moved so quickly it left many without a chance to get them.

We, at the Longmont Observer, want to do our best to help everyone partake in this event. We will be live-streaming it to Facebook, as well as posting it up on YouTube and our website after the event.

In addition to live-streaming the event, Dr. Grandin is graciously allowing the Longmont Observer to conduct an interview with her prior to her talk. We would love to hear the questions you want asked. Please place your questions in the comments section, we will collect them and do our best to ask as many of your questions as we can.

“Each individual, no matter what level of skills or IQ or social abilities, can become a contributing member of the community. This is what will give meaning to their lives.” – Dr. Temple Grandin