Just Ask Bob: Why is there a row of tall lights in the field just SW of Pike and Hover?

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Hi Just Bob,

Why is there a row of tall lights in the field just SW of Pike and Hover? Was there a gathering place there at one time?



Dear Wonder’n,

I am sorry that it took so long to respond to your request.

Bob seems to remember the lights at 1901 S. Hover street were set up for a horse training facility prior to 1990. County records indicate that the property owner was JRSTT Properties LLC with a mailing address to a PO BOX in Longmont. A letter was sent to the PO BOX without any response. I then was able to find a phone number and contact David B. Brewer, who is also in the county owner information. Mr. Brewer was very helpful. He stated that he lived on the property and found a St. Vrain Round-Up sign in the garage.  He also confirmed that remnants of the horse track were still there. (In the following aerial photographs from 2007, traces of the track can still be seen.) Prior to that, he thinks it was a calf feed lot. He also thinks the Kunner family owned the property prior to the horse event center.

A late 1980’s renter, Mark D.Peterson was also contacted and he remembered a horse event center in deteriorated condition. He also remembers Jerry Hyland owed and attempted to convert the property into a produce center.

The St. Vrain Round-up Club (SVRC) on the sign mentioned by Mr. Brewer is still active and their website https://www.stvrainroundupclub.com/ has the following information.

“SVRC started in approximately 1956,in Longmont,Colorado. Some of the original members still participate and have grandchildren in the club. The club originally met at a small arena just west of 9th and Hover. In the early 1960’s an arena was built on the Selby’s property (the property at SW of Pike and Hover), which can still be seen (a little worn, but still there) just south of the Diagonal on 95th Street. The club currently uses membership dues and profits from shows to rent the facilities at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  

Any further information or photos would be appreciated by Bob.


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