Business Interview – Luke & Emily Kunselman at Quarters Bar & Arcade

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Owners Luke and Emily Kunselman were inspired to open a bar and arcade after visiting 1up in Denver. After a year of steady planning, the Kunselmans’ dream is finally ready to open its doors. Quarters Bar and Arcade opens for business on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019.

Patrons will be able to access both the games and the alcohol taps via a wrist band. To acquire the wrist band, patrons must visit the Quarters Bar and Arcade headquarters, show proper ID and pay either with cash or by attaching a credit card to the account.

All the alcohol for purchase is on tap with 20 taps available. Selection varies between beer, wine and cider. In showing support for local business, most of the 15 available beer taps are from local breweries.

It is important to the Kunselmans to keep the games affordable so customers can extend their fun. Most of the 17 games in the bar range in price from 25-50 cents with the highest game topping out at $1.

The arcade is open to patrons of all ages. The machines are designed to accept quarters as well as the wrist bands. Minors will not be given a wrist band since that would give them access to the taps. Also, Quarters Bar and Arcade has adult only hours on Friday and Saturday after 8 p.m.

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