Grossen Bart Releases Three New Beers

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Grossen Bart (Photo by Tim Porter/ Longmont Observer)

Written by Tim Porter

There’s always something new brewing in Longmont and that’s no different at Grossen Bart Brewery. They have lined up their 4th annual Dead Guy Days Bredo’s beer, homebrewer contest winner Tim Wawrzynczak’s Baltic Porter and a collaboration with the soon to open Envy Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Gary Juicy.

Frozen Dead Guy Days is an eccentric annual festival celebrated in Nederland for the past 17 years, that showcases the story of Bredo Morstol; frozen dead guy, who still resides in the community.

Grossen Bart has been a sponsor for the festival for a few years and brews Bredo’s Beer, which is served at the festival and at their brewery.

Bredo’s Beer is an amber hued Rye Pale Ale, made with cascade hops, rye, and has 6.1% ABV, making it perfect to warm you up during an icy festival in the mountains. The dry character of rye balances out the malts in this beer leading to the not too sweet impression of Bredo’s Beer and is further refined with the spicy and citrusy notes from the use of cascade hops.

Grossen Bart helps bring in Nederland’s annual festival with their Frozen Dead Guy Days Ice Breaker on Saturday February 23rd. Starting at 7 p.m., the Ice Breaker will play host local band Los Cheesies, and showcase events such as frozen t-shirt contest; who can put on a frozen t-shirt the fastest, frozen turkey bowling and giveaways.

Grossen Bart will also be brewing up a Baltic Porter from local homebrew contest winner Tim Wawrzynczak. Originating in the Baltic States, these Porters are heavy, high ABV beers that are dark in color and possess thick, sweet, and warming characteristics. Brewing up beer is what Grossen Bart loves to do to support local community events and fundraisers and this beer is something to not miss out on.

Recently released is their collaboration beer with new Fort Collins brewery, Envy Brewing, Gary Juicy. Grossen Bart’s brewmaster, Walter Bourque met Envy’s brewmaster Brian Connery a couple years back at a different brewery and just recently had the opportunity to come together to brew this beer.

“As a new brewery opening up, they wanted to have their own beer on tap,” Walter said about Brian opening up Envy. Envy has been collaborating with local breweries to showcase their community-centric approach to their menu, and Gary Juicy is what they decided on when presented with a new, New England yeast strain from Lallemand Brewing.

This west coast inspired IPA features a substantial amount of Jarrylo, Azacca and Amarillo hops, lending the beer its tropical flavors, as Walter says, “think island beach.” Hazy in appearance this juicy IPA features a 6.1% ABV beer and has a flavor that is infinitely drinkable.

Whether you want something to warm you up during these cold months or something to take you away to a place a bit warmer, Grossen Bart has something new to fit the bill. Be sure to visit them to celebrate at the Frozen Dead Guy Days Icebreaker and enjoy a pint or two of Bredo’s beer. Don’t forget to try a glass of the Baltic Porter homebrew recipe winner or go for that tropical escape with their Gary Juicy IPA.


Tim Porter

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