Longtucky Spirits: Pretty in Pink


Pretty in Pink
Longtucky Spirits, Longmont, Colorado
Spirits and Cocktails

Now I have to say, I’m not a big spirit or cocktail fan. I’ve enjoyed a mixed drink occasionally, as a little something different, but I’m a beer gal and I prefer having a pint in a brewery to a cocktail in bar. However, craft distilling is a rapidly growing industry right now in Longmont, we have four craft distilleries that have been opened since 2014 and there’s room for more.

While craft distilling is growing, the craft beer industry has seen some leveling out in terms of new breweries being opened, and even a slight decline, there’s still no shortage of beer to try but it might be time for me to step out of the brewery and see what Longmont’s craft distilleries have to offer.

I decided to stop in at Longtucky Spirits, the newest distillery which opened in June of this year next to St. Vrain Cidery. Not being terribly familiar with the menu, I picked out the most interesting thing I saw, Pretty In Pink.

This cocktail is made using Longtucky’s Shine Corn Whiskey, watermelon juice, simple syrup, lemon, and basil. Right away, I loved the bright pink color from the watermelon juice, and the little bit of basil added as a garnish completed the look. It was a very pretty drink.

The first thing I noticed as I tried it was that, despite the bright pink color, the cocktail was not overly sweet. Something that I’ve disliked about most cocktails is how syrupy sweet they can be, but Pretty In Pink had just a hint of sweetness and a whole lot of natural watermelon flavor. It tasted like the watermelon juice came from a juiced watermelon rather than an artificial flavored syrup and for me that was the highlight of the whole drink. Along with the watermelon, there was a good blend of lemon and basil which complimented the watermelon nicely and wasn’t overpowering. There wasn’t a strong ‘boozy’ or alcohol component in the taste. I wish I’d sampled the Shine Corn Whiskey prior to trying Pretty in Pink so I could get the flavor profile of the whiskey on my palette, but I liked that the alcohol wasn’t overwhelming. Over all, it was a nice cocktail, a little small compared to a pint of beer but something I would have again the next time I visit Longtucky Spirits.