Discovering Longmont Breweries: Open Door Brewing Company Pt 2

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Open Door Brewing isn’t concerned with offering beer that only appeals to a few drinkers dedicated to a particular style. What they deliver is something that can be enjoyed by people unfamiliar with craft beer, and those who live it. Open Door is about the idea of making craft beer approachable, and creating a space where neighbors can become friends.

It’s easy to forget that you’re in Longmont when walking through Prospect. Located in the Southern reaches of Longmont, this community is defined by bold architecture, bright colors, and a close community. Home to several restaurants, boutiques and soon to an open spontaneous fermentation brewery, Primitive Beer, Open Door Brewing Company adds more reason to explore this area. With an open and bright taproom, two large garage doors, rooftop tables, and décor that stays true to its name, you cannot ask for more from a brewery.

Open Door three flagship beers, Short Arm IPA, Libertas Cream Ale, and Over the Moon Milk Stout, and have rotating options and guest taps.

Their Short Arm IPA weighs in at 6% ABV and is not a “let’s see how bitter we can make this,” sort of IPA, but rather a citrus, piney, that hits you in the cheeks kind. It delivers on bitterness but goes more in depth than that, offering impressions of tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple. It’s the inspiration behind their art installation, collaborated with the Firehouse Art Center, and can be enjoyed by casual drinker and hophead alike.

The Libertas is a pre-prohibition style Cream Ale, and although its name may suggest it, it is not a creamy beer. This style may have some German roots, but its a proud American, coming into its own in the U.S. Libertas is an easy-drinking beer at 5% ABV and gets its pale color from the use of adjuncts such as flaked corn, as the style calls for. Staying true to its roots, this beer gives little fruitiness and maltiness, but offers subtle grain or dry flavors from the use of flaked rye. The slight bitterness comes from the addition of Liberty and Columbus hops and doesn’t overpower the beer.

Finally, is their Over the Moon Milk Stout, a stout that foregoes the traditional roasted barley for English Pale, Chocolate, Pale Chocolate, and Crystal Malts to give it its dark and smooth appeal. At 5.6% ABV this beer is not boozy by any means, it’s sweet and chocolaty as you would expect from the use of lactose, and the addition of vanilla adds to the enjoyment. It’s a well bodied beer that lingers after every drink.

Open Door also brews up a few variations on the stout including Fly Me to the Moon Chocolate Cherry Stout, Elatha Mint Chocolate Stout and Chai-l and Error Chai Milk Stout. Each doesn’t leave you searching for their respective cherry, mint or chai notes, but rather are the first things you smell and taste in the beer. The Fly Me to the Moon is like enjoying a cordial while Elatha is close to a mint chocolate chip shake that may make a pretty good ice cream float. Chai-l and Error is not subtle on the spices and with the base of a Milk Stout, is just like any good chai tea. With rotators and guest taps there are options to drink, and Open Door also offers several things to do as well.

On Sundays they have Yoga on draft, and as the weather permits, is held on their rooftop. For a small fee you can expand your mind, body, and beer palette. If you’re still needing to work off those brew calories there’s also a Runclub meet every Monday. Open Door’s open taproom also plays host to several music events including local musician Valerie Bhat whose distinctive voice can be heard Friday, April 13th and singer-songwriter Leigh Guest on Friday, April 20th. With several more upcoming beer releases, community and music events be sure to follow their Facebook page to not miss a thing.

Check out this unique Longmont brewery, between collaborations, original recipes and guest taps, there’s always a new favorite to find.


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