Discovering Longmont Breweries: Wibby Brewing Pt 2

Tim Porter/ Longmont Observer

As noted in a previous article, Wibby Brewing specializes in lagers; a classification of beer defined by its brewing process. Lagers require yeast that are accustomed to cold and it’s in lower temperatures where the magic happens, fermentation. Wibby prides itself on delivering new choices every month to keep things fresh for their patrons, in addition to their year-round options and seasonal rotators. No matter your taste, you’ll be sure to find something you love, or more likely, several options. They have three staples you’ll find any time of year in the taproom or at local liquor stores.

Starting with the Wibby IPL, or India Pale Lager, gives you a taste of what the brewery is all about, combining what makes American craft beer stand out with German brewing traditions. German lagers come in a variety of opacity from very pale to dark and varying alcohol levels. Both of which are determined by the variety of malts and their quantity used in the recipe. India pale ales, or IPAs are a popular style that showcase hops and its bitterness that ranges in intensity with flavor profiles that change depending on the variety that is used. Wibby IPL gives the drinker the robust malty flavor of a medium bodied lager with the hop-forward bitterness that any IPA lover would appreciate. With an alcohol content of 7% and a 76 IBU (international bitterness units) this beer will certainly catch up with you.

For anyone looking for something lighter and more sessionable for those warm summer days of yard work, Wibby offers the Lightshine Helles. Coming in at 5.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) this beer delivers refreshing flavors of tangerines, fresh malts and a drinkability that keeps you coming back for more. Lighter than the Wibby IPL this Helles is refreshing as it is pale with a sweet finish.

Offering a rich depth of flavor their Moondoor Dunkel, and as the name translates into, is a “dark” German lager whose dark roasty Munich malts gives the beer its color and taste. With an ABV of 5.5%, this beer delivers rich caramel flavor with toffee undertones, and pours a dark brown into the glass with a healthy tan head. This brew can have you pondering different flavors with every bready and satisfying sip.

The IPL, Helles and Dunkel are their year-round options to be found in the taproom and local liquor stores, but only give you a taster of all the options they have available to you. If you’re craving a dark, roasty beer with a kick, order up a pint of the Double Dunkel, measuring in at 7.5% ABV. Looking for that West Coast hoppy & citrusy IPA? Then try the Downtown Hop and if something more in between is desired, Wibby serves up their Volksbier Vienna that fits the bill. With new options every month and a 15 barrel brewing system that allows them to easily experiment, there’s always something that satisfies.

Tim Porter/ Longmont Observer

Already two years ahead of original projections, Wibby Brewing is setting itself apart in this competitive industry with its lager centered recipes. “In 2016 we did 1,600 barrels, 2017 we did 2,800 barrels, and this year we’re shooting for 5,000,” Ryan Wibby tells. You can find their beers around Longmont, Boulder, and as far north as Fort Collins and as far south as Thorton. The next market on their radar is the Denver metro area, and with over 30 competing breweries Wibby’s consistent lager execution will be what makes them stand a part from the rest.