Beer Review: Bootstrap Brewing’s Worthog Stout


Worthog Stout
Bootstrap Brewing Company, Longmont Colorado
Style: Foreign Extra Stout
ABV 6% IBU: 32

Rating 4/5

Bootstrap’s Worthog Stout is their take on a Foreign Extra Stout. Foreign Extra Stouts tend to be a little bigger, with a stronger roasted flavor profile then American or Irish Stout varieties.

Worthog poured a very dark brown/black with hints of ruby when held up to the light. The head was a light tan, but in my glass, did not retain very well after pouring.

On the nose, there were strong notes of cocoa, coffee, and dark malts. Those aromas carried into the flavor of the beer, where again there were strong flavors of cocoa and coffee. There was also significant bitterness present, less from the hops and more from the dark malts and roasted grains. It came across as slightly burnt, which was a little off putting, but very appropriate for the style.

The mouthfeel was a litter lighter than I personally like for a stout— I tend to prefer full bodied stouts, with a smooth creamier mouthfeel. Foreign Extra Stouts can be medium/full to full bodied, and I would say that Worthog was more medium bodied.

While there were aspects of Bootstraps Worthog Stout that didn’t quite line up to my taste preferences, it hit all the stylistic notes one would look for in a Foreign Extra Stout and is over all a well crafted beer.