Beer Review: Left Hand Flamingo Dreams Nitro

Left Hand's Flamingo Dreams Nitro (Photo by Ocean Babin/ Longmont Observer)
  • PKG: 4pk Cans, Kegs
  • ABV: 4.7%
  • IBU’S: 11

I should be perfectly honest from the beginning of this review. I am not a fan of nitro beers. They make me think that my taste buds are dead. I do not like the creaminess of it all. Yet, here were are with a review for a nitro beer.

Left Hand is my favorite brewery in Longmont. It was the first brewery I visited when I moved here almost six years ago. They have a special place in my memories so it is difficult to critique them too harshly, but I have to be fair.

As for the beer, Flamingo Dreams Nitro, it taste like a fruit smoothie, but not too fruity. I imagined it is a beer for someone who does not like beer. Someone like my sister who recently asked the beer-tender for something to drink for people who do not drink beer. I imagine he would have drawn a mug of Flamingo Dreams for her and she would have loved it.

My favorite beer-tender at Left Hand said it best, “I could drink this all day and not get heartburn.” He had quite a few little zingers.

As for me, it was so pink, pretty in pink. It is too smooth and it loses some to its fruitiness for me. I would have liked to taste it without the nitro. On the upside it was not harsh on the stomach and it got better the more I drank. I am not sure if that is a good thing.

Left Hand knows there is a market for this beer. It is great on a hot day. As I sat at the bar, I noticed a lot of Flamingo Dreams floating past me and into the hands and mouths of thirsty consumers of the bright pink fruit beer. 2.5/5.

Location of Left Hand Brewery: 1265 Boston Ave
Longmont, CO 80501

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