Beer Review: Black Forest Stout (Brewers Test Kitchen)

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Black forest stoutv (Photo by the Longmont Observer)

Left Hand Brewing Company
Black Forest Stout (Brewers Test Kitchen)
7.7% ABV
28 IBU

When you first start drinking a Black Forest Stout the flavor of bitter coco struts out says hello before ceding the stage to malts and a mild sweetness plays on the tongue. It finishes with a quick hello from bitters from the hop and dark chocolate flavor mellowing in your mouth for a while. There’s some kind of fruit flavor in the background but whether its from chocolate or something else I can’t tell you.

Don’t rush this beer if you can keep it cold, not that it’s half bad when it reaches room temperature. Sip it, and savor it. Drink it in a social setting where conversation breaks up the motion of lifting your glass to your mouth. The flavors of dark chocolate will stay in your mouth for 5 minutes or more. So relax and draw this beverage out over time.

Beer Review Scale:

0/5 Not fit for man nor beast

0.5/5 Have I wronged you somehow that you would offer this to me?

1/5 Not enjoyable

2/5 Drinkable (The base line.  Where one does not cringe upon tasting it)

3/5 A decent beverage.

4/5 A very good beverage that I am willing to spend my money to drink.

4.5/5 Sweet nectar

5/5 …

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