Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Longmont Observer membership?
A Longmont Observer membership is a monthly or yearly recurring donation to support our mission to educate, inform, and engage the residents of Longmont by providing nonpartisan, community-driven, Longmont-focused news.

How do I renew my membership?
If you have a monthly or yearly membership, then it automatically renews on monthly basis.

How do I manage my membership?
The Longmont Observer currently utilizes DonorBox to handle our recurring memberships. Upon becoming a monthly member, you’ll be asked to create a DonorBox donor account. You can login to this account and increase (or decrease) your monthly donation at any time. To login in your account, click here and enter the email and password you created.

Oops! I didn’t create a DonorBox account – what do I do?
Don’t you worry! You can retrieve your account by going to this link and entering the email you used to become a monthly member.

Does the Longmont Observer accept donations by mail?
You bet we do! Simply send a check to:
Longmont Observer
PO Box 2535
Longmont, Colorado 80502

Who do I contact for membership renewal or information?
You can send an email to

How do I cancel my monthly membership?
We’re sorry you want to cancel your monthly membership! To cancel, simply send us an email to or login to your DonorBox account to cancel your recurring donation.