Talk With Tim – A Podcast About Longmont – Episode 01

Talk With Time - A Podcast About Longmont

Talk With Tim – A Podcast About Longmont – Episode 01

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Talk With Tim – A Podcast About Longmont is a new podcast from the Longmont Observer.

Tim Waters (Photo by Rick Brennan/ Longmont Observer)

It’s a regular podcast that will be recorded every other week with Dr. Tim Waters, a resident of Longmont and a current member of the Longmont City Council.

This initial episode is an interview with Tim by Scott Converse, the publisher of the Longmont Observer. The format will likely change over time as the show changes to meet the needs of communicating what the city is doing as well as a vehicle for creating more robust civic engagement by our citizens with what’s going on in our city.

Today’s episode covered a range of topics having to do with how the city council is addressing the new year, its focus, direction and priorities.

Dr. Waters and Converse discussed the “Council Work Plan” in some detail, including the two areas of focus, People and Places:

People- In 20 years, Longmont will be the worlds greatest village, where children are most fortunate to be born and raised, where people will have access to food and shelter and where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and feel that they belong.

Places- In 20 years, Longmont will have developed Main Street from Pike Road to Highway 66 and a river corridor that stretches from the sugar mill to the fairgrounds, providing a vibrant economic, residential, cultural and entertainment epicenter that is sustainable and respects the natural environment.

In addition, they talked about a “Visioning” advisory group that recently met for the first time to discuss the future of Longmont’s development along with what a triple bottom line is (People. Planet. Profit).

Other topics included Pre-K opportunities and how important they are to the health of our children as well as our society, how the budget process works for the city, Metro and Library tax districts and how they work and how special projects like an aquatics center (Olympic pool and hockey facilities) and other projects such as a performing arts center, 5-star hotels, convention center and other projects that fit into the overall picture of where Longmont is going.

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