Podcast: Talk With The Mayor– Brian Bagley- June 4th 2018 – Episode 4


Podcast: Talk With The Mayor– Brian Bagley- June 4th 2018 – Episode 4
Talk with the Mayor

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Todays Talk With The Mayor is shifting focus a bit from video to audio/podcast format.

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Many of our members have told us that they prefer to listen vs. watching a video. You can listen to a podcast while driving, working, or doing other things that you can’t do easily with a video.

Brian Bagley, Longmont Mayor, speaks during the oil and gas public forum held on May 15, 2018. (Mark Ivins / Longmont Observer)

Today’s questions for the mayor are:

The council’s recent retreat and your take on what came out of it (goals, aspirations, observations).
The changes being made to the city’s planning and zoning rules. -Density and use of resources based on that density.
Affordable housing (in particular… ADU’s —LA did this. Also, Boulder is expanding ADUs, for instance, 20% ‘saturation’ with up to 5000 new unit’s possible- plus…removal of all parking requirements).  Thoughts on Longmont’s rules?
The oil and gas agreement. What does what you settled on really mean for Longmont?
We asked the city council folks in recent interviews about DACA and sanctuary cities and their thoughts about Longmont’s position so we wanted to ask you as well. Thoughts?
Guns are becoming a local issue since Boulder banned the sale and possession of assault rifles.
Gun violence & the recent showing by pro and anti-gun folks at the most recent city council meeting. What was that about?  Thoughts?
You modified the gun violence proclamation the city did a couple of weeks ago.  What kind of modifications did you make?
The SVVSD is looking at doing a pilot program where they put an assault rifle (AR15) in locked safes, for the Public Resource Officer to use, if needed, in two high schools (Lyons and Niwot), per the request of the Boulder County Sheriffs Dept. Thoughts?

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