Podcast- Impact: Longmont Episode 1

Host Marica Martin sites down with our state representatives, Jonathan Singer and Sonya Jaquez Lewis to discuss the last legislative session, some of the laws that were worked on and how those laws might effect Longmont.

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Podcast- Impact: Longmont Episode 1
Impact- Longmont

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From left to right -Jonathan Singer, Sonya Lewis, Marcia Martin.

Longmont’s two State Representatives, Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Jonathan Singer, talk with Marcia Martin about what our State Legislature has accomplished in 2019, what they need to do in 2020 to keep up the momentum.

Health was the main theme of the conversation: the health of our climate and natural environment, and what Colorado is doing to shore up our embattled health care system.

Both Singer and Jaquez Lewis were distinguished contributors to both the climate and environmental bills passed, and the bills on health and human services.

Singer will serve his last term in the legislature in 2020 and is now running for Boulder County Commissioner. Jaques Lewis was elected for the first time in 2018, and so has just completed her very first term.

Learn what the new legislation will mean for Longmont, and what Longmont can do to maximize its impact on the state.

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