Longmont Mayor Says To RTD Board “Give Us Our Train Or Stop Taking Our Money”

This story is based on a video interview Longmont's Mayor did with Channel 9 News. You can visit Channel 9 at www.9news.com

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Mayor Brian Bagley isn’t happy with RTD and it’s inability to deliver on a FasTracks rail system, originally promised by 2017.

In a video interview with Channel 9 News (CLICK HERE to watch the 2-minute video) Mayor Bagley said since 2004 Longmont has been paying approximately $4.5 million a year for something we haven’t received.

He said, “if 2050 (the current ‘possible’ projected completion date) comes along and we still continue at this rate we’ll have paid more than $200 million dollars for something we’ve never used or received”

He also said that it was “unfair, unconscionable, quasi-immoral and quasi-illegal.”

When RTD was asked how they might be able to meet their commitments their response was a new sales tax increase or using more toll road money.

Bagley said “What I would tell the RTD board if they proposed a new sales tax is, I would say, ‘you’re smoking crack. There’s no way the people of Longmont, or this county, are going to be suckered again.'”

He closed with “Give us our train, or stop taking our money… simple”.

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  1. Given the problems with mere crossing lighting issues in lift rail in Denver, it isn’t credible to think that RTD is an organization that can succeed in providing competent, effective leadership to making rail a reality in my lifetime or the median lifetime of most of the persons presently alive today if the date is 2050.

    If the area and others pull out of the funding district, it is likely that the Denver metro RTD rail program itself (not even the parts outside of Denver proper) would eventually be rendered insolvent.

    Longmont isn’t getting rail. They are paying for Denver to get theirs, and just barely at that.

  2. The Mead town board rejected what based on actual delivery to the area turns out to have been a major scam. Apparently, like a lobster trap, once in, you can not get out. So for many years our sales taxes are alot lower (4.9% state, municipal, and county).

    Apparently our board read it.

    Good move. Not so wise: Longmont.

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