LIVE Updates: 2019 Election Results

Photo by Rick Brennan/ Longmont Observer

This concludes our live updates for the evening. With the exception of Prop DD, the outcome of these races appears settled. Official results will be posted as soon as they are available from the Boulder County Clerk and Colorado Secretary of State.

The following 2019 Election results will be updated beginning at 7 p.m. with winners as determined by the Boulder County Clerk or Colorado Secretary of State on November 6th.

State Level Last Update: 10:54 PM
Boulder County and Longmont Last Update: 8:15 PM (About 66%, 70,970 out of an expected 107,906 ballots cast in Boulder County have been counted.)

Colorado State Questions

FORAGAINST# of Counties Reporting
Prop CC: Retain TABOR refunds and allocate to transportation, education and 610,536749,90564/64 complete
Prop DD: Sports betting tax allocated to water projects684,739671,59864/64 complete

Boulder County Questions

Boulder County Question 1A:
Coroner Term Limits

Longmont City Council


Brian Bagley19,491
Schuyler Trowbridge5,023

At Large

Joan Peck11,027
Jeff Moore4,981
Ron Gallegos3,860
Matthew Garrett4,088

Ward I

Tim Waters6,143

Ward III

Regan Sample3,580
Susie Hidalgo-Fahring4,170

City of Longmont Ballot Measures

3B: Pool & Ice9,42516,597
3C: Permanent extension
of transportation tax
3D: Allow City to lease
property for 30 years.
3E: Shall Municipal Judge
Robert J. Frick be retained
in office for two (2) years?

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  1. Prop CC results are getting depressing. Coloradans voting like they’re from states where education comes last just to convince themselves that they have pocket money.

    • And yet ironically it is the only thing that I was actually happy about this election… You liberals and left leaning peeps are so strange i will NEVER understand your line of thinking…….. NO MORE TAXES!!!!!!!!! I dont care if it is to GOLD PLATE MY HOUSE ……. I would vote NO…. We do NOT have an education problem, we do not have an income problem, we do not have a tax problem, we have a SPENDING problem…. WAKE up libs —- you cant spend yourself rich, it doesn’t work that way… Its like trying to pet a dog by screaming at it…. It just wont work…….

  2. The verbiage behind 3B made the bar for entry too high. It’s a shame that Longmont decided to vote against something that would differentiate our community from other local communities. We are going to miss out big on out of city tax revenue, property value increases, and contine underserving the community with an ancient pool and lack of ice for locals. It’s a shame, I thought we had a more progressive city considering the unrelenting swarm of bikers who have infected the city recently.

    It’s also ironic how one of the main arguments against was a “regressive sales tax” when the community seems to be approving a permanent installment of sales tax for road construciton. Our roads are fine, if anything the lackluster selection of contractors and lack of transparency/accountability in our spending and establishing road work deadlines does not merit additional automatic funding. We are giving the city a free pass to keep spending on roads without accountability to ensure we are making reasonably priced and time driven proects.

    Oh well, this is the glory of democracy. People don’t have to agree politically to live next to one another. At least we get to vote, just wish the community shared the economic outlook and government accoutability I created in my head.

    • Meh. We’re barely 2 generations past being a bastion of the Klan. I’m sure in another two, we’ll be almost civilized. 😂

    • Worse than that, it’s going to wreck our city. Things stuck right now and everyone (at least the majority of the >18,000 who actually voted according to this page) voted to keep things the same. No one seems to realize that no matter how much they want things to stay the same, people are still coming by the hordes.

  3. The rejection of 3B isn’t a rejection of recreation-related taxes. It’s a rejection of a poorly worded, vague ballot measure. Put it on again next year with a specific location for the center, and answer the public questions about whether the center will also contain additional exercise facilities and equipment in addition to the pool/rink. It lost because southwest and northeast Longmont don’t want to wait another decade for rec center facilities to be built in their parts of town, and because this was put on the ballot with too much information missing for the public to know whether they’d actually use the facility or not.

    • The flyer I received in the mail stated the type of pool that would be built, that it would include water features, a classroom, exercise equipment, and how big the ice would be. People just don’t read.

  4. H A Beasley, I bitterly must agree. I spent hours of time answering those questions as publicly as I could. It wasn’t enough. And the only way to get the votes from both southwest and northeast would have been to build 2 facilities. Or lie to the public, which I’m not willing to do.

    But what are we doing voting based on whether we’d use the facility? Are we not a community? Don’t we love our children? Don’t we love each other’s children? Our votes should be aspirational. Because we all aspire to something.

    • In terms of recreational facilities, it’s not about a lack of love for other people’s children, or a lack of aspiration. It’s a practical question about existing unmet needs for recreation facilities across the city. Choosing this one expensive project without specifying a location created too much risk, given reasonable public fears it would knock other projects–current facility repairs, new pools, new smaller rec facilities–down the timeline by several years.

      We could use more and better facilities in several parts of the city. There’s a lot more demand for pool lanes and multipurpose exercise/ weight rooms than the current centers can meet, as I’m sure you know. They’re often overcrowded, as is their parking. One of the five possible locations for this facility was right next to the current one, which was enough for me to vote it down. Without specifying a location, it’s hard to make an argument to any voter that their needs will be better served once it’s built. Most people do take location convenience into account when considering recreation options.

      Perhaps the next feasibility study and ballot issue will yield a new pool in one part of town and an ice rink in another, meeting more people’s needs in more areas of town. If we’re going to spend this kind of tax money on recreation, which I am in favor of if well spent, it should meet a broad swath of citizen needs geographically.

  5. 3B has already failed, but I’m submitting this anyway for fellow citizen to consider in

    Do the math. 3B asked for $45M from a city of 100k for “Pool & Ice”. That’s $450 per citizen, so my family would have to come up with $1,350 for something we may never use, let alone get our money’s worth.

    Besides, how does a pool and ice rink cost $45M?

    I don’t recall seeing a sunset date on the 0.18% sales tax increase. When the facilities were paid for, would the tax have gone away, or just quietly continued for City of Longmont to spend as they wished?

    • In the first paragraph, I meant to say “for fellow citizens to consider with similar ballot measures in future elections.”

  6. 3B – $45 million for a single gargantuan facility is ridiculous. Better to get ten or fifteen smaller community pools scattered around the city. I suspect we have *lots* more “people who would like to swim a bit” than would-be Olympic swimmers.

  7. These results are so sad to me. Basically the exact opposite of everything I had hoped for. I guess Longmont isn’t as progressive as I wished it were.

  8. look at all these liberals wanting the pool rink to pass. pleaaasseee there is no such thing. im glad i voted against it. also im happy we are not raising taxes in any form. We have taxes way to high we dont want any more raises. So if any of you liberals want to raise more taxes than think again.

  9. I think that the rejection of 3B was not because of opposition to progressive measures in Longmont. Had there been a choice between an all purpose recreational center in the northern part of town, perhaps with expanded swimming lanes, and this ice rink and pool meant for competitions, the all purpose center would have won hands down. If a significant part of the rink cum pool was to provide arenas for the SVVSD, I wonder why it would not have been part of the school district budget rather than an additional tax. Voters realized that there would not be widespread use of the rink and competition pool because only the well heeled could afford the equipment costs for playing on a hockey team. And why would we want to spend tax dollars to fund a facility that would have a significant portion of usage by people from outside Longmont, who would not be paying these taxes?

    We need to focus on facilities and programs that would serve all Longmont residents. And if memory serves me correctly, the vast majority of council candidates declared that they opposed 3B at a recent Candidate forum at the Oscar Blue Oak Room: am I mistaken that all the incumbent council members were opposed except the mayor?

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