ICE Officials Pick up Longmont Resident


On Wednesday, August 7, Roberto Gutierrez was arrested by ICE officials in the Old Town neighborhood of Longmont. According to his son, Robert Gutierrez, Mr. Gutierrez was picked up with no notice as he walked to his car mid-morning.

ICE officials put Mr. Gutierrez on the ground in the road while placing handcuffs on his wrists. His son stood by and videotaped the incident while asking questions about his father’s medication and the intentions of ICE officials. A video post created by the younger Gutierrez was posted Wednesday afternoon.

The younger Gutierrez also says ICE officials were polite and answered some of his questions before taking his father away in the ICE vehicle.

The senior Gutierrez is from Mexico and has been living in the United States and Longmont for nineteen years.

The younger Gutierrez is concerned about his father’s medical needs, as he has old injuries and as of Wednesday evening, had not received any information about this father’s well being.

“In July 2016, my father had a bad accident which left him with broken ribs and internal injuries,” Gutierrez says. He states his father was in the hospital, in ICU, and had follow-up rehabilitation visits for his injuries for the past few years.

It was during this time sexual assault charges were brought up against the elder Gutierrez. After several years of court dates, he was found guilty and released into parole status July 15.

The younger Robert Gutierrez says the charges against his father are questionable since the alleged incidents happened while his father was in a hospital with injuries. Gutierrez says the family has paperwork that proves the elder Gutierrez was on a hospital bed and then in rehab when the crime occurred. He suggests his father wasn’t represented properly by the attorney, and that dated bills and receipts prove his father is innocent.

“We know that he will have a court date, and we don’t know much else yet,” says Robert Gutierrez of his father’s current immigration case. The younger Gutierrez says he intends on getting a lawyer and following up on Thursday, August 8.

This story is ongoing. As more information unveils itself the Longmont Observer will update the public.

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