Beer Review: Oskar Blues’ Guns ‘n’ Rosé

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Oskar Blues' Guns ‘n’ Rosé (Photo by the Longmont Observer)

Brewery: Oskar Blues

Beverage:  Guns ‘n’ Rosé

6% ABV

38 IBU

4 Stars

So you can read the name and dismiss this beverage out of hand because obviously nothing with “Rosé” is going to be worth the effort to swallow. Then there’s the description of ‘hibiscus and prickly pear’ and automatically my marketing (bullshit) meter starts pinging out at maximum. Frankly, I can’t identify either of these flavors, they don’t show up enough.

That said this lightly carbonated beverage is delicious. Slightly sour and fruity, a very light and refreshing drink. And like an alcoholic version of a lemon soda, I would expect it to be wonderful on a hot summer’s day. It’s not sour like a gose or a lambic style beers where sometimes you pucker your lips from the acidity. Nope, this beer is tart like wild strawberries or rose hips. If you don’t enjoy beer you may very well enjoy Guns ‘n’ Rosé.  If you enjoy tart and sour beers you most likely will enjoy it.

Beer Review Scale:

0/5 Not fit for man nor beast

0.5/5 Have I wronged you somehow that you would offer this to me?

1/5 Not enjoyable

2/5 Drinkable (The base line.  Where one does not cringe upon tasting it)

3/5 A decent beverage.

4/5 A very good beverage that I am willing to spend my money to drink.

4.5/5 Sweet nectar

5/5 …

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