Beer Review: Lightshine Helles by Wibby Brewing Company 

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Wibby LightShine Helles (Photo by Longmont Observer)
Wibby Brewing Company
Lightshine Helles
5.5% ABV
22 IBU

This is a lighter beer. Not just golden in colour, it is aimed at the Budweiser and Miller crowd without sacrificing quality.

A little sweet that lingers for a long time. A hint of hoppy that sticks around for a fun time.  It is remarkably refreshing when cold, not recommended warm. Best when you’re hot, sweaty, and thirsty.  To be enjoyed after hiking or snowshoeing.

Beer Review Scale:

0/5 Not fit for man nor beast

0.5/5 Have I wronged you somehow that you would offer this to me?

1/5 Not enjoyable

2/5 Drinkable (The base line.  Where one does not cringe upon tasting it)

3/5 A decent beverage.

4/5 A very good beverage that I am willing to spend my money to drink.

4.5/5 Sweet nectar

5/5 …

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