The Longmont Observer is dedicated and committed to accurate reporting. If you notice that we’ve made an error, omitted certain details, or if the article needs further clarification, please send us an email to

On Saturday, December 16, 2017, an article titled “St. Vrain Valley School Board Approves Lease for APEX Home School Enhancement Program Building” was published that had inaccurate and misleading information. The SVVSD board had not yet voted on APEX. As such, the article was pulled due to SVVSD not voting on APEX.

The November 8, 2017, article titled “Paceline Elite Performance Gym Now Officially Open” incorrectly stated that the monthly rate was $45. $45 is Elite’s Launch Special/introductory rate for the first month. The article was updated accordingly.

The October 25, 2017, article titled “Aeronautic Program at St. Vrain Valley School District Innovation Center“, was updated to say that The Innovation Center services students of grades of all ages throughout St. Vrain Valley Schools, not just grades 9-12.

The October 13, 2017, article titled “Review: ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ at the Longmont Theatre“, used the wrong name. It is Tim Curry, not Tim Cook.

The August 31, 2017, article titled “Just Ask Bob: What is Happening at Longs Peak and Pace?“, misstated the wrong intersection. It was updated to note the correct intersection/corner, which is Mountain View and Pace.