Video – Special Meeting- Oil And Gas Public Meeting- Open Forum UPDATED With Presentation

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UPDATE: The presentation given at the meeting is now available and can be viewed or downloaded below.

Part 1

Because the meeting ran over 4 hours (the maximum allowed for live streaming to Facebook) this video is in two parts. Part 2 is below.

Part 2

The Longmont City Council meeting tonight will be replaced with a public forum/moderated Q&A session with a staff panel made up of City Manager Harold Dominguez, City Lawyer Eugene Mei and Public Works Director Dale Rademacher.  Assistant City Manager Sandra Seader will moderate.



  1. This is excellent coverage of a very important meeting. Part 1 should be of interest to anyone concerning FRACKING and it’s legal terms. No matter what you support, this is good information about what has happened in Longmont. Just Longmont. This is not an expansion. Just Longmont.

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