St. Vrain Valley School District Study Session: Priority Improvement and Turnaround/Review Public Comments on New School Boundaries

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Vt. Vrain Valley School District held a study session on Nov. 15 at Vt. Vrain Valley School District Office. (Photo by Ayako Itoi/ Longmont Observer)

On Nov. 15, the St. Vrain Valley School District had a study session concerning Columbine High School’s Priority Improvement and Turnaround and new school boundaries.

Staff at Columbine High School reported the progress of Priority Improvement and Turnaround. Previously, the school had adopted the block schedule to increase flexibility and showed improvement in attendance rate from 79% to 82.4%. The major problem is the math improvement, and staff described the problem as the result of ill-understanding of previous testing data and proposed students set a goal for themselves. Other improvements in the plan include: the introduction of IReady diagnostic, expansion of E credit, enrichment of after-school programs and SAT/PSAT prep classes.

Staff from the planning department at the school district proposed several new school boundaries plans for two new schools, Erie PK-8 and Elementary 27. These new schools are being opened to assist with the overpopulation of other schools.

Erie PK-8 is going to source students from Black Rock, Erie, Red Hawk and Elementary 27 from Centennial and Legacy. In public hearing, some parents from Vista Point argued they would like their children to stay at Black Rock, considering students’ stress and the distance to new school.

As for the Elementary 27, there is a danger in crossing Highway 52. Staff proposed to build an underpass under Highway 52 to reduce the traffic risk.

Each school accepts open enrollment submissions, which allows parents to apply for their students to go to the school of their choice without lottery system. You can check the proposed boundary plan and submit comments and emails at