St. Vrain Valley School Board Approves A Sole Source Purchase of Over $200,000 With Venture Technologies

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During Wednesday night’s school board meeting the board approved that an additional $233,080.04 be spent on a sole source purchase with Venture Technologies.

This purchase is necessary in order to complete network projects already in progress within the district. According to the memorandum presented to the school board by Dr. Haddad, “Though unforeseeable during the initial bid processes, this equipment will increase network reliability for all users and put our system in an optimal posture by eliminating single points of failure.”

A sole source purchase is a purchase that only one person or company can provide the contractual services needed. Thus, any attempt to obtain bids would result in only that person or company bidding on it.

Venture Technologies is tech company with a branch in Englewood, CO. They were awarded “wireless system (RFP 2016-004, RFP 2017-007, BID 2017-042) and data center redundancy (RFP 2017-065) business in order to proactively support student learning and staff productivity. Venture’s unique expertise and familiarity with our systems is needed to complete this effort utilizing additional hardware and software,” according to the same memorandum presented by Dr. Haddad.