Brief Summary of Jan. 10 School Board Meeting Agenda Items

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes
Taken December 2017
St. Vrain Valley School Board

The following is a short explanation of what the topics to be discussed at the January 10, 2018 St. Vrain Valley School Board Meeting. Since the agenda sometimes changes prior to the meeting it is important to note that this information was taken from the agenda as seen on January 8 as it was posted by the St. Vrain Valley School District. The school board agenda can be found here.

Fall Activities Report: A summary of the accomplishments the 2017 Fall Athletics/Fine Arts. Rob Berry, Director of Athletics, Fine Arts, PE and Health, will be present to provide a verbal report and answer questions.

October Enrollment Report 2017/2018: A report regarding student enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year. The 2017/2018 October Report additionally details the changes in enrollment at a school-by-school level, provides information on birth numbers, free/reduced lunch counts, ethnic breakdowns, English language learners, private school and home school enrollment, the impacts of choice, enrollment projections, building permit
activity by community and a variety of other indicators.

2nd Quarter Gifts to Schools: A list of public gifts given to the St. Vrain Valley
School District for the second quarter of the 2017-2018 school year totaling

Approval Item: Approval of Designated Posting Locations for Notice of 2018 St. Vrain Valley Board of Education Meetings: This measure is seeking the approval of the designated posting location for the the notice of school board meetings. Those locations include the Educational Services Center Lobby and the St. Vrain Valley District website.

Approval Item: First Reading, Adoption, Board Regulations KHB-R – Advertising and Sponsorships and KHC-R – Distribution/Posting of Non-Curricular Materials: Revisions to the Board Regulations KHB_R, concerning advertising and sponsorship and the distribution/posting of non-curricular materials in students’ weekly folders. A special section was added for The Education Foundation.

Approval Item: Approval of APEX Home School Enrichment Program Rental Payment: Approval is being sought for the APEX Home School Enrichment Program rental payment for a maximum of $270,000 for Vinelife Church for the 2018-19 school year.

Approval Item: Approval of Access License Agreement with the City of Longmont: Approval is being sought for the Access License Agreement with the City of Longmont for the monitoring of the abandoned Maruyama #1.

Approval Item: Approval of Sole Source Purchase for Networking Hardware & Software to Complete Networking Projects: A sole source purchase with Venture Technologies for $233,080.04. These funds are in support of the completion of network projects in progress.

Approval Item: Approval of Contract Award-Lighting Upgrades: Approval is being sought for a contact award for the a lighting upgrade to Bravo Lighting LLC for $172,175.

District Recommendation: Adoption of School Priority Improvement Unified Improvement Plans (UIP): The Board of Education adopt the School Priority Improvement UIP.