CCI Launches New March Message Series on “The Essentials of Christianity”


The famous NFL football coach, Vince Lombardi was known for his obsession with the fundamentals. He would begin the year’s training camp with, “Gentlemen, this is a football”. It got results. Lombardi went on to lead his team to 5 NFL championships within a 7 year period, and he never coached a team with a losing record. What was arguably the reason for his great success? It was his obsession with the fundamentals or essentials of the game. In the same way, we must understand the essential fundamentals of our faith in order to live the victorious Christian life.

In a time, when our culture is becoming more and more secular, it’s so important to go back to the basics of our faith and learn what we believe as Christians, and why we believe it. This is one of the reasons why in March, the team at Christ Church International will be teaching a new 4-part, 4-Sunday message series on “The Essentials of Christianity”.

The Dates: Sunday March 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Sunday services begin at 9:30am. The Facebook live-stream begins shortly after 10am MST.

Our key verse is found in Acts 2:46, “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.”

What to Expect at Christ Church International? Sunday mornings we focus on corporate Praise & Worship, Communion, Prayer, and of course, the preaching of the Word. We hope you can find time to join us soon! We are a gathering of believers with a heart for the nations and people of all ethnicities, nationalities, and backgrounds. We live for the Dream of Jesus (which is found in Psalm 2:8). It is our mission: “Souls from Every Nation, One at a Time.”

Contact Person: Email: or Office: 303-772-5996

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