October 16, 2017 Proclaimed as ‘Feral Cat Day’ in Longmont

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(Sergio R. Angeles / Longmont Observer)

On Tuesday night, Longmont Mayor Dennis Coombs proclaimed October 16, 2017, as ‘Feral Cat Day’.

According to the proclamation, Feral Cat Day will help “Longmont residents acknowledge the presence of feral and abandoned cats in the community, and to advocate to improve the lives of all cats and the people who care for them.”

Esther Mills of the Longmont Friends of Feral & Abandoned Cats (LFFAC) accepted the proclamation.

“Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to bring attention to what we do as a five-year-old non-profit organization here in Longmont and across the Front Range,” said Mills.

“We just feel that Longmont is the place that we want people to know that whether your feelings about cats are different, whether you like them, you don’t like them, it’s just about the humaneness. That we want Longmont to be known as being a humane city for all its residents.”

Tonni Loutzenhiser of LFFAC was unable to make the proclamation as she was “out rescuing kittens that were ill and needed to be transferred from the vet to the foster home.”

The LLFAC is a local non-profit that uses the practice of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to sustain healthy, community (feral) cat colonies in Longmont and the surrounding area. Their biggest fundraiser of the year, The Purrs and Paws Gala, will be on Saturday, October 14th.