Final Official Results for 2020 Presidential Primary Election

The following is a press release from Boulder County Elections and is published by Longmont Observer as a public service.


The final official results from Boulder County’s 2020 Presidential Primary Election are available now at

The final official results include the Statement of Votes, a document that shows precinct-by-precinct results for the presidential candidates. The Statement of Votes will be forwarded to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office as part of the election close out process.

Earlier in the post-election process, elections staff and the appointed Audit Board (two Democratic Party and two Republican Party representatives) successfully completed the Boulder County portion of the statewide Risk-Limiting Audit. This is a post-election test that provides citizens with evidence that election results tabulated by our voting system reflect the actual votes cast by voters. The process reviews how a ballot’s votes were captured at the time it was processed by our voting system by comparing the actual physical ballots with their digital tallies captured at the time of processing. To perform the audit, the Secretary of State’s office assigns a random sampling of the exact ballots you must review out of all the ballots cast in an election.

Elections staff also completed the reconciliation process. This process provides the evidence for the Canvass Board to certify that the number of votes counted is equal to or less than the number of ballots cast and that the number of ballots cast is equal to or less than the number of eligible voters. The Reconciliation Report is also available online.

This year’s Canvass Board consisted of Boulder County Clerk Molly Fitzpatrick and party representatives from the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Pat Fesser and Lynne McNamara represented the Democratic Party. Emily Brake and Robert Johnson represented the Republican Party.

Tuesday afternoon via a remote video conference, the Canvass Board certified the election results. The canvass documents, audit documentation, and the Statement of Votes are available at

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