Police Report: January 11, 2018

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For the past several months, the Longmont Police Department have fielded a number of unfounded complaints that were reported in the 1600 block of Ironhorse Dr. This report is for information only and the case is closed.


An employee of a business located in Aurora, CO reported a theft of equipment from the 1800 block of Nelson Road, Longmont, CO. The case status is closed due to lack of suspect information.


On Thursday, 01/11/17, a report was taken reference a criminal trespass and theft which occurred in the 200 Blk. of S. Main St. The case is closed as suspects are unknown.


On 1/11/18 Longmont Police responded to the 1100 block of Lefthand Dr. reference an outside agency assist.


On Thursday, 01/11/18, a seven year old boy was bitten by a dog at the house he is staying at. The boy was treated and released. The dog will be quarantined at its home.


On 011118, Officers reponded to the 2700 block of Copper Peak Ln on a report of a possible criminal trespass. An adult male was arrested. The case is cleared by arrest.




On Tuesday, 01/09/2018 Longmont Police Officers responded to the area of 1400 S Collyer St. in regard to a disturbance. Officers contacted an adult male, who was placed under arrest for harassment. Officers interviewed the parties on scene, and later arrested an adult female for violating a protection order.


On Wednesday, 01/10/2018, the Longmont Police Officers made a traffic stop in the area of Highway 119 and Fairview St. During the course of the traffic stop, the female driver was arrested for driving without a valid license.


On 1/10/18 Longmont Police responded to the 600 block of S. Airport Rd. reference a cold burglary. The case was investigated and later closed due to lack of evidence.


On Wednesday, 01/10/18 at approximately 0800 hours, an officer took a report of possible fraud that was occurring in the 1400 block of Coffman St. This case is open and referred to Detectives for follow up investigation.


The Longmont Police Department was initially dispatched to a trespass complaint at the 1000 block of 16th Av. The subject attempted to flee from officers and was arrested on a myriad of criminal charges. Case Cleared by Arrest.


The Longmont Police Deparment investigated a criminal trespass at the 50 block of 21St. Av. This was a result of an arrest made on unrelated investigation. Case is open and referred to Detectives for follow up.




On Wednesday 01/10/2018 at approximately 2349 hours police conducted an extra patrol in the 900 block Longs Peak Avenue. Two adult males were issued a summons for Park Ordinance Violation and also both were found to be wanted on warrant. The case is cleared by arrest.


On 12/26/2017 Longmont police received a report of an alleged burglary at a residence in the 2300 block of Gay St. Unknown suspects unlawfully entered a residence and stole an item of value from within. There are no suspects or leads in this case, and it will be closed.


On Thursday, 01-11-2018, Longmont Police received a report of a possible attempted fraud in the 700 blk of S. Main St. There is no suspect information and all the communication was through emails only. This case will be Closed.

On Thursday, 1-11-2018 at 0932 hours, Longmont Police arrested an adult male on a Mittimus arrest at Longmont Municipal court.


On Thursday, 01-11-2018, Longmont Police responded to the report of a disturbance in the 100 blk of S. Main St. Upon investigation, probable cause was unable to be established and this case will be Closed.

On 01-11-18 the Longmont police investigated a domestic violence incident. The case is open and under investigation.


On Thursday, 11 January, 2018, at approximately 1445 hours, Longmont Police Officers were dispatched to the 2200 block of Main Street, Longmont, CO in response to a reported death of an elderly gentleman. He was pronounced deceased on scene of natural causes. Case closed.


On Thursday, January 11, 2018 Longmont Police took a phone report regardinga protection order violation in the 1100 blk of Chestnut Dr. The case is unfounded and will be closed.

On Thursday 01-11-2018, Officers took a report of a theft in the 1600 block of Main St. The suspect is unknown and so the case is closed.


On Thursday January 11, 2018 at approximately 1753 hours, Officer’s responded to the are of E County Line Rd and E Ken Pratt Blvd in the City of Longmont, Weld County, Colorado, for the report of a reddi report. Cleared by arrest.

The Longmont Observer receives a police report from Longmont Public Safety every morning and we publish the police notes in full. From time to time, the Longmont Observer modifies the police notes if an exact address or a person's name is included. Additionally, some spelling mistakes are also corrected. According to Longmont Public Safety, the CAD Call Type (e.g. ARSON, WARRANT ARREST) is entered into the computer based on the limited information dispatch receives from a caller. The CAD Call Type can be changed by an officer once more information is learned about the incident. Regardless of the CAD Call Type the type of case investigated may remain the same or be changed and the case can be closed with one of several dispositions.