Correction for Target Fire Article in the Wednesday, June 20 Morning Brief

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Target clean up efforts underway (Photo by Macie May/ Longmont Observer)

In Wednesday’s Morning Brief, we stated that the fire at the Target, located at 551 S. Hover St. had been identified as arson. This was not true and was a misunderstanding on our part.

According to Commander Joel Post of Longmont Public Safety, “We are still investigating this fire to determine origin and cause, and to determine if it was intentionally set.”

The information we gathered was from the daily police report produced by Longmont Public Safety. According to Commander Post, “The CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch) Call Type is entered into the computer based on the limited information dispatch receives from a caller.  The CAD Call Type can be changed by an officer once more information is learned about the incident.  Regardless of the CAD Call Type the type of case investigated may remain the same or be changed and the case can closed with one of several dispositions.”

In this situation, the police report labeled the fire as arson, however that is not necessary the findings of the investigation. Longmont Public Safety will continue to investigate the fire at Target and update their information based on those findings.

We updated the article and our corrections page to reflect these changes.


  1. I heard from someone who spoke to an employee at Target that a kid hid inside the store until after hours, then began destroying things and then lit the store on fire. I was told that he’d been caught.

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