City of Longmont, Colorado: Quiet Zones Workshop Offered Second Time

The following is a press release from the City of Longmont and is published by the Longmont Observer as a public service.

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Due to weather on Feb. 6, we’re offering a second chance for the public to attend the RR Quiet Zones Workshop on Feb. 13.

Thank you to all that attended the City of Longmont Quiet Zones Workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 6. We had a great turn out on what was a snowy and cold evening! Since the weather wasn’t so friendly, City Council has asked that we offer the same workshop a second time. Please share this news with friends and neighbors that may have missed the first workshop.

Take 2: Quiet Zones Workshop
Wednesday, Feb. 13, 6 -7 pm
Longmont Museum Atrium, 400 Quail Road

We also have posted the boards from the
workshop on the project webpage and the online survey has been extended to stay open until 11:59 pm on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Visit for more information and to take the online survey.

The Problem

The BNSF Railroad corridor passes through our fair City and is a part of daily life as we know it. Those who live within a mile or so of these railroad lines experience as many as 9 trains per day and 8 trains per night. Currently, the Federal Railroad Administration requires all trains must sound their horns at all public railroad crossings. This significantly impacts quality of life for those within range of the horn.

Potential Solution

To have trains pass through without sounding their horns, safety
modifications must be made to the BNSF railroad crossings. In 2016, a technical analysis studied each of the 17 area crossings to determine what modifications could meet Federal Railroad Administration safety requirements that fully compensate for the absence of the train horn, while reducing disruption of current uses. Once these modifications are in place, BNSF and the City of Longmont can create what is called a “Quiet Zone.”