Monday, June 24, 2019

Podcast: The Backstory Episode 3: Vision-Driven Policy & Project Development

The Backstory answers some of the questions about City of Longmont topics of interest.

Podcast: Andrew Romanoff Challenges Other U.S. Senate Candidates to Shut Out Political Action Committees

In an interview making his case for why he should be elected to the U.S. Senate, Andrew Romanoff stuck to the principles which guided his failed 2010 and 2014 bids for Congress after a decade in the Colorado House of Representatives.

Podcast: A Talk With Chief Mike Butler About Radio Encryption, Police Cameras And Transparency

Public Safety Chief, Mike Butler, discusses radio encryption, police cameras and transparency in this episode of A Talk with the Chief.

Podcast: It’s the Economy- Is Information a Public Good?

Longmont, Colorado is considering a new way of funding news—through a proposed library-district tax. This idea builds on a model, the Community Information District, first proposed by Simon Galperin.

Podcast: Longmont Observer Talks About The State Of Local News Today on KGNU

Host: Kathy Partridge Community News vs Demise of Newspapers and Danger of Social Media How can...

Podcast: The Backstory Episode 2 – City Council’s Vision & Goals –

City Council member Tim Waters hosts this episode of The Backstory podcast with guests Mayor Brian Bagley and City Manager Harold Dominguez.

Podcast: Peak Rail Progress On The NorthWest Rail Plan

Longmont City Council member Joan Peck sits down with the Longmont Observer's publisher, Scott Converse and talks about the progress recently made on getting a Peak Rail service in place sooner rather than later.

Brian Bagley Announces Candidacy for Mayor in 2019 Election

At 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 18, currently mayor, Brian Bagley announced that he was officially running for the office of Mayor in the 2019 election.

Podcast: Talk With The Mayor – Episode 9

This months Talk With The Mayor podcast, with Longmont’s Mayor Brian Bagley and the Longmont Observer’s Publisher, Scott Converse covered a range of subjects.

Podcast: The Backstory Episode 1 – Veterans Village

The Backstory Podcast - Episode 1 - Veterans Village/Photo by the Longmont Observer The Veterans Community Project (VCP),...
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