Thursday, August 22, 2019

Podcast: Interview With Jeff Moore, Candidate For City Council At Large Seat

Scott Converse, Publisher of the Longmont Observer, sits down with At Large candidate Jeff Moore to discuss a wide range of subjects including transportation, entrepreneurship, utilities, the Pool and Ice ballot issue, affordable housing, homelessness, education, infrastructure, economic development, and the TABOR and Gallagher amendments.

Podcast: 2020 House District 11 Candidate–Karen McCormick

Karen McCormick is running for the State House District 11 seat in 2020.

Podcast: Interview With Joan D. Heiman, Author Of Life With An Impossible Person

Kathy Partridge, one of the hosts of KGNU's interview program 'Connections', talks with Joan D. Heiman about her life with her husband of 37 years.

Podcast: The Backstory Episode 4 – Homelessness in Longmont

This months podcast, hosted by Tim Waters, brings together several different points of view around the issues of homelessness in Longmont.

Podcast: Ward III City Council Candidate–Regan Sample

Regan Sample is running for the Ward III seat for Longmont City Council in 2019.

Podcast: 2019 City Council At-large Candidate–Bheema Bachus

Bheema Bachus is running for the Longmont City Council At-large seat in 2019. He sat down with Longmont Observer's Editor-in-chief, Macie May for a conversation about his candidacy.

Podcast- Impact: Longmont Episode 1

Longmont's two State Representatives, Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Jonathan Singer, talk with Marcia Martin about what our State Legislature has accomplished in 2019, what they need to do in 2020 to keep up the momentum.

Podcast: Talk With The Mayor – Episode 10

Longmont Mayor Brian Bagley and the Longmont Observer's publisher, Scott Converse, sit down and talk about a range of subjects.

Podcast: The Backstory Episode 3: Vision-Driven Policy & Project Development

The Backstory answers some of the questions about City of Longmont topics of interest.

Podcast: Andrew Romanoff Challenges Other U.S. Senate Candidates to Shut Out Political Action Committees

In an interview making his case for why he should be elected to the U.S. Senate, Andrew Romanoff stuck to the principles which guided his failed 2010 and 2014 bids for Congress after a decade in the Colorado House of Representatives.
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