Saturday, July 20, 2019

Capitol Letters: Impact: Longmont

But last month Impact: Longmont told us that that one way for Colorado to achieve the 53% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions it needs by the year 2030 involves reducing total vehicle tailpipe emissions by 1/3.

Pinner Throw Back IPA

I was originally going to give this beer a 2.0/5.0 but then I experienced the aftertaste and dropped it to 1.5/5.0. Then I burped and it dropped to a 1.0/5.0.
Hubbard Glacier Up Close

Where To? Hubbard Glacier

My husband and I took a 7-night Alaskan cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse. We lived in luxury while exploring a very wild place. On other cruises, if you spend all day on the cruise ship, and it doesn’t stop for you to disembark, it is because you are at sea.

Opinion: Bheema Bachus–Rent Control is About Integrity

The debate over rent control in Longmont is beginning to brew, as city council candidates such as myself, my opponent Schuyler Trowbridge and Ward III candidate Susie-Hidalgo Fahring all express more openness to the concept than the current city council.

Opinion: Kevin Gallagher–Rogers Road

When the citizens of Rogers Road appealed the Longmont Planning & Zoning Commission approval of the HMS Mountain Brook development on Rogers Road, we were delighted that the City Council voted to send the plat back to planning with conditions for the transportation, drainage, and wildlife reports to be completed, and until FAA approval is received to build so close to a runway approach.

Drink Review: Basil Gimlet–Longtucky Spirits

Let's start out with the disclaimer. I’m not big on mixed drinks, and I don’t usually enjoy gin.

Impact: Longmont

Take House Bill 1261, "Climate Action Bill to Reduce Pollution." It is an aspirational bill, setting goals to reduce Colorado's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but not specifying how it will be done.

Longmont Observer Taco Time: Taqueria Madero The Longmont Observer is on the quest for Longmont’s best tacos. Adam and Matt Steininger and Macie May give their opinions on tacos in Longmont. *Really this was an excuse to eat tacos and hang...

Beer Review: Throwing Stones–Wibby Brewing

This beer is mediocre cold. Unpleasant warm.
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