Monday, March 18, 2019

Review: Longmont Theatre Company’s Anatomy of Gray Has Issues

There are plot spoilers in this review.

Well Seasoned: St. Patrick’s Day

In the United States our celebrations are far more raucous than what transpires in Eire. Here menus feature corned beef and cabbage, an entirely North American invention, and the green beer flows freely in bars.

Beer Review: Left Hand St. Patrick’s Day Milk Stout

Longmont and the surrounding area has a plethora of craft breweries. Most of these breweries have a stout or two.

Centennial State Ballet presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Spring gala performance

The Centennial State Ballet is set to perform A Midsummer Night's Dream in two acts on April 27-28 at the Niwot High School Auditorium. According to the Centennial State Ballet, "The ballet originates from Shakespeare's...

Capitol Letters: Protecting Public Welfare

Around 6:00pm on the evening of Tuesday, March 5 found me barreling north on I-25, hoping to reach the City Council chambers in Longmont by seven o’clock when the Council Meeting was scheduled to begin.

Capitol Letters: De-Brucification

*Colorado’s economy*, according to a Business Insider ranking from January 19th, is 5th (from the top) among the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Pretty good. So how is it that our roads are such a mess and in PK through grade 12 education US News puts us in the bottom half of states, at #30?

Beer Review: Black Forest Stout (Brewers Test Kitchen)

When you first start drinking a Black Forest Stout the flavor of bitter coco struts out says hello before ceding the stage to malts and a mild sweetness plays on the tongue.

Letter To The Editor From FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly: CO Pirate Radio is Illegal...

By FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly I write to register my concerns with what seemed to be the Longmont Observer's tacit support earlier this month in favor of a new pirate radio "station" reportedly operating in...

What’s On the Menu? First Watch Bursts Onto Longmont’s Breakfast Scene

When a new breakfast/lunch restaurant chain takes over a space that housed another breakfast/lunch restaurant chain for years, it’s only natural that people would make comparisons between the two. In fact, while we were...

Longmont Observer Taco Time: Taqueria Madero The Longmont Observer is on the quest for Longmont’s best tacos. Adam and Matt Steininger and Macie May give their opinions on tacos in Longmont. *Really this was an excuse to eat tacos and hang...
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