Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Opinion: Diane Siegle–Closure of Hobby Lobby Stores

I understand that we, in Colorado, must do everything we can to protect all from the Covid 19 virus.

Opinion: Bruce Armstron–Stimulus Equity

I have an idea. We are all going through troubling times and stressful situations.

Opinion: Judi Atwood–CPS failure to Protect Children in the State of Colorado

in 2019 CPS in Colorado noticed that several reports of Child Abuse went ignored due to a computer glitch.

Opinion: Judi Atwood–Honorable Jared Polis decision on abolishing the death penalty

Last night I posted a public thank you to Honorable Jared Polis in regards to abolishing the death penalty in Colorado.

Opinion: Shari Malloy–Use Vacant Schools to Help with Crisis

Like the rest of our world, our community is facing the consequences of COVID-19. For good reasons, St. Vrain schools are closed for the foreseeable future. There are huge needs that could be addressed by opening up a few of these schools.

Opinion: Judi Atwood–Health Care Workers

I just want to thank all the health care workers in Longmont for your service during this Pandemic.

Opinion: Judi Atwood–Opinion piece Steve Pittman on Corona Virus

I am responding to the opinion piece that Steve Pittman sent in to the Longmont Observer. I don't think it's important to blame the Corona Virus on any age I think whats more significant that globally and currently cases top 218,000 which is spreading quickly.

Opinion: Kevin Gallagher: A letter to Council for consideration

I am writing to express my neighbors and my support for amending the special financing districts law to exclude residential developments. In changing the law last year at the request of the Mountain Brook Development, you extended a special financing district for an unprecedented residential development.

Opinion: Steve Pittman–Coronavirus is dangerous for young people, too

Given that people in the 20 to 30 year old age group (bragging of "strong immune systems") are currently going to sold-out Post Malone concerts and otherwise treating coronavirus in a rather cavalier way, I thought it would be useful to look at the personal risk they are taking (ignoring the far greater risk to which they are exposing their elderly acquaintances with whom they later have contact, either directly or indirectly).

Opinon: Vic Vela-Support for Cynthia Martinez

We, Longmont Latinx Voice had the opportunity to meet Cynthia Martinez who is a candidate for House District 12 Representative.
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