Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Kid Who Would Be King – Longmont Observer Movie Review!

This is a good kid's movie that will become nostalgic for them as they get older.

Beer Review: Left Hand Brewing Company Death Before Disco Porter

So let's start out with the positives, this has all the things one might expect from a porter.  Dark, substantive without being overly heavy, some rich chocolate flavors thrown in to boot including those fruity flavors you get with dark chocolate.

Stand for Something: Campaign Promises are Not National Emergencies

When I came up with "Stand for Something" as the title of this column, the intent was to force myself to always take affirmative stances. Criticizing the ideas...

Capitol Letters: A Change of Climate

Longmont is listed among Michael Bloomberg’s We Are Still In directory of cities still committed to meeting or exceeding the goals of the Paris Climate Accords, despite the so far unrealized threat that the U.S. will withdraw from the Accords. [According to the agreement, we actually can’t withdraw until the year 2020, officially.]

OpEd: OUT Boulder County–The Mountain States Against Hate Coalition

If you don’t trust the police you are probably not going to report the crime. If you are concerned about your immigration status you are probably not going to report the crime. In many states, LGBTQ victims still are not protected by anti-discrimination laws, so why would they feel safe reporting a hate crime?

Beer Review: Wibby Meat & Eggs Maibock

Wibby Meat & Eggs Maibock Draft ABV 7.9% IBU 78 4.5/5.0Let me start this review by stating I have no idea what a "Maibock" is supposed to be.  Other than "-bock" indicating a German heritage and thus potentially being...

Stand for Something: The State of the Union

In its opening sentences, the Constitution is clear what the Union is for, and in so far as we are going to discuss the State of the Union, we must do so within such a framework. The purpose of the Union is not to enshrine American power or to serve as a monument to its framers. The Constitution is not a philosophical text.

OpEd: Mike Butler–New Conversation On Homelessness

We spend millions of dollars annually to respond to chronic street homelessness in our community. Not unlike all other communities our size or larger near us and throughout our country, we have ventured down the two-pronged approach of either providing services or utilizing enforcement as our responses.

Opinion: Jill Harrison–Can Longmont become a regional center for the arts?

The Longmont Performing Arts Initiative is a community group made up of Longmont’s 7 major performing arts organizations.

Beer Review: Lightshine Helles by Wibby Brewing Company 

This is a lighter beer. Not just golden in colour, it is aimed at the Budweiser and Miller crowd without sacrificing quality.
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