Friday, January 24, 2020

Impact Longmont: Metro Districts

A funny thing happened on the way to Affordable Housing. Longmont found a formula that appears to solve a much older problem.

Opinion: Kevin Gallagher– Letter to City Council about Financing Districts

As residents of Rogers road who will be impacted by the Mountain Brook development, (400 new homes on a Rural street, under a airport approach, in a high water table flood plain with only 30 existing rural homes), we remain concerned that our questions and concerns over impacts have yet to be addressed as required by the Code.

Opinion: Patricia Davis–Leading by Example

I commend Mayor Pro Tem, Aren Rodriguez, for conducting a civil, serious and thorough discussion of residential metro districts during Council’s study session on Tuesday, January 7th.

Review: Some Enchanted Evening

The set to Some Enchanted Evening The Songs of Rodgers and Hammerstein reflects an elegant stage with chandeliers and draping of two grand pianos, borrowed from American Classic Piano.

Stand for Something: Down with Pundits

The New York Times' The Argument is one of my favorite podcasts.

Opinion: Anthony Maine–Pelosi Should Use Impeachment to Pass Legislation

Instead of waiting for Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell to relent on the parameters of a Senate impeachment trial, there may be a better way out.

Impact Longmont: Metro Districts

Nearly every city in the USA is experiencing a housing crisis.

Opinion: Marcia Martin–Setting the Record Straighter

I am a member of the Longmont City Council. Writing alone, I can’t speak for the Council, and would never attempt to do so. But I want to offer clarity on the recent controversy regarding the actions of two members of the Longmont City Council.

Opinion: Ruby Bowman–Mayor Bagley Should Respect Constituents

Several Longmont residents have written letters to the Times-Call about Mayor Bagley’s verbal attack on citizen Gordon Pedrow during the mayor’s closing comments of the November 19 city council meeting.

Review: Longmont Theatre Company’s: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Everyone loves to look at a train wreck or even the possibility of one. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever sets up what the town thinks will be just that, a train wreck, when the worst kids in town, the Herdmans, show up for the leading roles.
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