Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Beer Review: Left Hand Brewing Company Death Before Disco Porter

So let's start out with the positives, this has all the things one might expect from a porter.  Dark, substantive without being overly heavy, some rich chocolate flavors thrown in to boot including those fruity flavors you get with dark chocolate.

Things To Do In Longmont This Weekend

A list of events happening in Longmont this weekend.

Beer Review: Wibby Meat & Eggs Maibock

Wibby Meat & Eggs Maibock Draft ABV 7.9% IBU 78 4.5/5.0Let me start this review by stating I have no idea what a "Maibock" is supposed to be.  Other...

Things To Do In Longmont This Weekend

A list of things happening in Longmont over the weekend.

Beer Review: Lightshine Helles by Wibby Brewing Company 

This is a lighter beer. Not just golden in colour, it is aimed at the Budweiser and Miller crowd without sacrificing quality.

Well Seasoned: Imbolc

This Saturday, February 2nd, thousands of people from all over the world will trek to Punxsutawney, PA to witness a groundhog’s prediction about the length of winter and I won’t be one of them. Granted, most of the pilgrims will be from Pennsylvania, where the winters are soul-suckingly gray and dreary.

Business Interview – Luke & Emily Kunselman at Quarters Bar & Arcade

Owners Luke and Emily Kunselman were inspired to open a bar and arcade after visiting 1up in Denver. After a year of steady planning, the Kunselmans' dream is finally ready to open its doors. Quarters Bar and Arcade opens for business on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019.

Things To Do In Longmont This Weekend

A list of events in Longmont for the Feb 1-3 weekend.

Beer Review: Oskar Blues’ Guns ‘n’ Rosé

So you can read the name and dismiss this beverage out of hand because obviously nothing with “Rosé” is going to be worth the effort to swallow. Then there’s the description of ‘hibiscus and prickly pear’ and automatically my marketing (bullshit) meter starts pinging out at maximum.

Things To Do In Longmont This Weekend

Take a look at what is going on in Longmont this weekend.
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