Saturday, July 20, 2019

Video: Merrymaking with The Hollands Part of the folk revival scene, they describe themselves as 'Merry Making Nomads' and they're appearing...

Making the Rainbow Connections: A Program for LGBT Elders Takes Flight

New opportunities for LGBTQ elders and those with volunteer motivation are on the horizon in Longmont as Rainbow Connections launches in September.

Capitol Letters: Impact: Longmont

But last month Impact: Longmont told us that that one way for Colorado to achieve the 53% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions it needs by the year 2030 involves reducing total vehicle tailpipe emissions by 1/3.

TinkerMill and Autism Society of Boulder County Partner to Benefit Residents with Autism

Art becomes entertainment and therapy in the partnership between the TinkerMill and the Autism Society of Boulder County (ASBC).

Pinner Throw Back IPA

I was originally going to give this beer a 2.0/5.0 but then I experienced the aftertaste and dropped it to 1.5/5.0. Then I burped and it dropped to a 1.0/5.0.

Longmont Photos of the Week: July 14

Photos submitted by Longmont residents.
Hubbard Glacier Up Close

Where To? Hubbard Glacier

My husband and I took a 7-night Alaskan cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse. We lived in luxury while exploring a very wild place. On other cruises, if you spend all day on the cruise ship, and it doesn’t stop for you to disembark, it is because you are at sea.

Board & Brush Opens a New Creative Space in Southmoor

Board & Brush Creative Studio opens its doors this weekend in Longmont taking the place of the former Boulder location and adding another notch in a growing arts and crafts community.

Things to Do in Longmont This Weekend: July 12-14

A list of local events.

City Council Amends Municipal Code for Downtown Longmont

On April 16, Longmont Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) updated city council on a variety of initiatives related to improving the safety and general appearance of downtown.
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