Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Able to Sail asks “What does it feel like to be you most of...

This seems like a simple enough question, yet Dianne McKinney, executive director of Able to Sail feels like most youth don't get asked this question at all or at least not often enough.

El Director Ejecutivo de OUR Center se Prepara Decir Adiós

Edwina Salazar ha acumulado una colección tan grande de hermosos cuencos pintados a mano que casi se ha quedado sin espacio para almacenarlos. Todos son parte de la recaudación de fondos de OUR Center Empty Bowls, que recauda dinero para el programa de alimentos del centro que ayudó a más de 19,000 familias del área en 2018. Los asistentes a Empty Bowls pueden seleccionar un tazón, pintado a mano por miembros de la comunidad en las semanas previas al evento. Después de una comida de sopa, pan y postre, se llevan el tazón a casa como recuerdo.

Empty Bowls Celebrates 16th Year

On Saturday March 16th, the Outreach United Resource (OUR) Center will host the 16th Annual Empty Bowls fundraiser at Longmont High from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

Supporting Action for Mental Health looks to the future of mental health in Longmont

In March 2016, the Longmont community came together at “A Day for Grace” to talk about mental health and the need for a more pro-active approach to dealing with the mental health issues that arise here.

The OUR Center’s Executive Director Prepares to Say Goodbye

Edwina Salazar has amassed such a large collection of beautiful handpainted bowls that she has nearly run out of room to store them. They’re all from the OUR Center’s Empty Bowls fundraiser, which raises money for the center’s food program that helped more than 19,000 area households in 2018.

Ribbon Cutting: Inn Between

On Tuesday, March 5, The Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce (LACC) welcomed Inn Between into Longmont with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Micah Project Addresses Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a hot topic in Longmont. Many groups are working diligently to address the issue in a variety of ways....

Longmont Observer Is Looking for Freelance Writers

The Longmont Observer is looking for freelance writers to help produce Longmont's news.

Podcast Series: The Reentry Initiative

Founded in October 2016, The Reentry Initiative (TRI) has been working to help women, who have been incarcerated, to reintegrate back into society. Joining Macie May...

Terrapin Care Station Dispensary Plants Roots in Longmont

Terrapin Care Station (TCS) became the first cannabis dispensary to open its doors in Longmont proper on November 19, 2018, and with over a...
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