Friday, September 20, 2019

Product Launch from Team of Longmont Businesses

Two well known Longmont business names have teamed up to produce a new product that exemplifies and combines their areas of expertise. Left Hand Brewing and WAAYB Organics have launched, Present, a brand of sparkling water that they believe will appeal to the health-conscious and diverse drinkers not only in Longmont and Colorado but across the nation.

Global flair, Tradition,and Philanthropy Coexist at Convivium Marketplace

Handmade beverages and food go hand-in-hand with philanthropy at Convivium Marketplace, a new food boutique on Main Street.

Longmont’s Left Hand Brewing Releases A CBD Infused Sparkling Water

Longmont's own Left Hand Brewery, working with Northern Colorado CBD, and organic CBD producer, is entering a rapidly growing market of CBD products from supplements to coffee to beauty products with a unique product called "Present."

Longmont Genera Más de $200,000 en Ingresos Fiscales de Marihuana en 5 Meses

Entre enero y mayo de 2019, la ciudad de Longmont, CO, generó más de $ 200,000 en ingresos fiscales.

Longmont Generates Over $200K in Marijuana Tax Revenue in 5 Months

Between January and May 2019, the city of Longmont, CO, generated over $200,000 in tax revenue.

Interview with Schuyler Trowbridge City Council at Large Candidate

This is a political interview with a candidate running for a seat that Longmont residents will vote for. If you or anyone you know are a candidate for one of these seats and would like a political interview please email

Marijuana Hospitality Establishments: House Bill 19-1230 Approved

The next evolution of legalized and medical marijuana has come of age, as House Bill 19-1230 concerning marijuana hospitality establishments has been approved.

Edible cannabis products and ER visits – what you need to know!

Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, studies are finding that edible versions (edibles) containing THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) are resulting in an alarming number of emergency room visits

Establecimientos de Hospitalidad de Marihuana: Proyecto de Ley de la Casa 19-1230

A principios de este mes, se presentó un nuevo proyecto de ley de la casa (HB19-1230) en la Casa del Estado de Colorado, que buscaba obtener la licencia de "establecimientos de hospitalidad de marihuana," que se refiere a lugares donde las personas podrían reunirse para consumir marihuana y productos de marihuana en el lugar. Esto es similar a una sala de cata de vinos o cervezas en una cervecería o bodega. De ser aprobada, la legislación entraría en vigor en enero de 2020.

Marijuana Hospitality Establishments: House Bill 19-1230

If approved, the legislation would go into effect in January 2020.
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