Saturday, September 21, 2019
Thin Air Throwdown

Roller Derby Tournament in Longmont this Weekend

These are some of the best teams in the country - and the world.

Events scheduled for Boulder County’s Falls Prevention Week, Sept. 23 – 27

Take part in the many fun and informative events to learn how you can reduce your risk of falling

Survey Explores Health of LGBT+ Community in Boulder County

“Having these numbers, all of a sudden it’s not just Mardi telling a story. We captured good data, which lends credibility to what we already know.”

Gun Rights Group Addresses Longmont City Council; Plans To Return For Vote This Tuesday

Waters' intention with the resolution is to be an expression by Longmont to the Colorado governor, the state legislature, and our representatives in Washington D.C. to support and create "common-sense gun safety legislation."


10:30 a.m. BUSINESS MEETING (See Agenda Below) 10:45 a.m. PUBLIC HEARING Board of County Commissioners: Resolution 2019-75: A Resolution of the...

Training Course Helps Family Caregivers Gain Confidence and Skills

Training will be held Thursdays in Longmont beginning Sept. 10

Boulder County Recycling Center Stockpiles Accurately Sorted Recyclable Materials

Recent reports suggest that only 9 percent of plastics are being recycled. On top of that, China has stopped accepting US recyclables. Rumors from across the country state that most of those recyclables are ending up in landfills. It’s hard not to wonder how Longmont stacks up to the rest of the country.

Petition to Elect Additional Boulder County Commissioners for 2020 Ballot

f a citizen sponsored petition garners the required 13,926 signatures by November 18, 2019, it will seek to amend how the Boulder County Commissioners are elected.

Board of Equalization now offers online appeals for property owners

Property owners who disagree with their notice of determination from the Assessor's Office can appeal and schedule a hearing online

Boulder County is now offering FREE bicycle racks to Longmont businesses

Interested Longmont businesses, multi-family housing units, and nonprofit organizations can receive free bicycle racks from Boulder County’s Partners for a Clean Environment...
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