Thursday, August 22, 2019

Our Longmont and Colorado Rising Press Conference

On Wednesday, August 14, Colorado Rising and Our Longmont held a press conference at the Colorado State Capitol building.
Leadership Academy students overlook the Alps.

Where To? Local Teens Learn the Power of Communication in Central Europe

Students from the Silver Creek Leadership Academy toured Central Europe before participating in the Global Leadership Summit in Davos, Switzerland.

Massive Windmill Blade Passes Through Longmont

The photo below, taken by reddit user 1Davide, showing a single windmill blade passing through Longmont on Friday, August 2. It was mounted on two train cars with a sliding 'sling' that allowed the train to take turns without snapping the blade.

Podcast: Chief Mike Butler On The Recent Shootings In El Paso and Dayton

This is a repost. The original audio file posted yesterday wasn't playing for some users. Let us know if you experience any...

COGCC Creates Priority List to Plug Orphaned Oil Wells and Sites

Orphaned sites and wells are defined as facilities where there is not a third party to assist in cleaning up the sites. COGCC staff analysis resulted in a total of 275 orphaned wells and 422 associated orphaned sites awaiting action as of July 1, 2019.

Stand for Something: This is Where I’m From

Sometimes when people ask, “Where are you from?” they want to know about the color of my skin, or my ethnicity.

Podcast- Impact: Longmont Episode 1

Longmont's two State Representatives, Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Jonathan Singer, talk with Marcia Martin about what our State Legislature has accomplished in 2019, what they need to do in 2020 to keep up the momentum.

RTD GM Oversight, Financial Admin, and Audit Committee – July 9, 2019

The July 9th RTD board meeting mostly surrounded the North Metro Rail Line N, the buses going to and from those areas, as well as some bus changes in the North Metro area.

Crestone Peak Resources Demanda el Condado de Boulder

Los operadores de petróleo y gas presentan una contrademanda alegando que el condado se “enriqueció injustamente”

The Latest Legislative Session, Wage Theft, and Other Issues – An Interview with Jonathan...

The 2018 election ushered in single-party control of both chambers of the Colorado General Assembly and the Governor's mansion, which had not occurred since the 2014 session.
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