Monday, June 24, 2019

Crestone Peak Resources sues Boulder County

Oil and gas operator files counterclaim alleging the county was “unjustly enriched”

Community Celebra la Semana del Festival Latinx Colorado 2019 con espectáculos culturales, instalación de...

Esta semana marca el tercer festival anual de Latinx Colorado con eventos de una semana que reúnen a residentes locales para celebrar la diversidad, las voces y las contribuciones de la comunidad de Latinx.

Community Celebrates 2019 Latinx Colorado Festival Week With Cultural Performances, Art Installation & Community...

This week marks the third annual Latinx Colorado Festival with week-long events bringing together local residents to celebrate the diversity, voices and contributions of the Latinx community.

Podcast: It’s the Economy- Is Information a Public Good?

Longmont, Colorado is considering a new way of funding news—through a proposed library-district tax. This idea builds on a model, the Community Information District, first proposed by Simon Galperin.

Gardner’s Election Worries Makes Democrats Feel Good

The race to run against Republican incumbent Senator Cory Gardner in 2020 has begun in earnest, about a year before the Democratic primary. As of this writing, there are 12 declared candidates for the Democratic nomination.
Fall River Apartments, due to open in later summer 2019

Affordable Housing in Longmont Gets a Boost from State Legislature

Similar to other communities in Colorado, Longmont suffers from a lack of affordable housing. As more people move into the area and the stock of housing is limited, this raises the price for housing. High housing costs can be extremely difficult for many residents who earn less than the area’s median income (AMI).

Denver Voters Approve I-301 for Psilocybin

Denver voted with 50.6% in favor as of 5/16/19 to reduce the priority of psilocybin for law enforcement by approving I-301. I-301 makes enforcing state laws about the possession of psilocybin the lowest priority for the Denver Police Department.

Colorado: First State To Cap Insulin Co-Pay

Colorado's governor, Jared Polis signed a bill Thursday, May 23rd, 2019, placing a cap on insulin payments, the first such law in the US.

Marijuana Hospitality Establishments: House Bill 19-1230 Approved

The next evolution of legalized and medical marijuana has come of age, as House Bill 19-1230 concerning marijuana hospitality establishments has been approved.

Governor Polis visits St. Vrain Hub for Bill Signing Ceremony

Governor Polis, Senate and House bill sponsors, and stakeholders attend a bill signing ceremony at the Boulder County St. Vrain Community Hub in Longmont
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