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Terry St. Collective (Photo by Macie May/ Longmont Observer)

The Longmont Observer sat down with Dr. Noël Love, DACM and Scott Kaier, marketing and business development manager, with the Terry Street Collective.

The Terry St. Collective is located at 610 Terry St., Longmont.

According to Kaier, Terry St. Collective is, “a space with a group of practitioners that provide a variety of wellness services to help our clients obtain optimal health.”

Kaier and Love moved to Longmont three years ago, however both worked in Boulder. Love had a private acupuncture practice and Kaier worked at a communications agency.

They grew tired of the commute to Boulder and, “we quickly realized that we kinda prefer Longmont. We really like it here, it’s a great community, it just feels a little more down-to-earth, a little bit more our speed, I guess you could say,” says Kaier.

Scott Kaier and Dr. Noel Love from Terry St. Collective (Photo by Macie May/ Longmont Observer)

Love and Kaier are engaged and are to be married next spring in France. The couple consider themselves fortunate to have found the house on Terry St.

Love says, “I had been looking to relocate and couldn’t find office space, so once we found this place, which is always what I had in my dreams, I didn’t think it would be possible to have this total integrated wellness center but it’s happening.”

Kaier and Love opened the doors to 610 Terry St. on January 2, 2018. “We had a couple of extra rooms so we rented out the extra rooms to a couple of other practitioners,” says Love. By February, several other wellness practitioners had joined Love and Kaier in the Terry St. house.

It was then that the idea of a collective began.

“My biggest thing with my patients is I don’t just do acupuncture, but I work with other practitioners to help the patient get what they need, that might be sending them to a nurse practitioner, that might be sending them to a body worker for body work and massage. That’s my inspiration, having everyone to work together to get that person to their ultimate health. We have the experts so now we can do this for other people and help them experience this awesome feeling of feeling good and happy and doing all the right things for your body,” states Love.

Kaier adds, “It feels like something that has the potential to make a big difference locally, especially with healthcare costs going up. What we do is a little bit more on the proactive side, so instead of waiting for people to get really sick, we can help them to stay healthy along the way.”

After a history of anxiety and insomnia Love found herself seeking the help of traditional doctors. “I was in my 20s and they were already starting to prescribe me different drugs. I was like, “I don’t want all these drugs.” They work but they don’t get to the root of the problem. So I sought out acupuncture, which was very weird to me, I was so skeptical but it actually healed me completely. So I decided to go into Chinese medical school to learn this other side of medicine that can also help people, integrating Western and Eastern ancient techniques to provide everything that someone needs.”

The Terry St. Collective practitioners work together to provide the following services for their patients:

  • Acupuncture
  • Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy
  • Blood testing and genetic testing
  • Allergy elimination
  • Massage
  • Esthetician services (facials, waxing, etc.)
  • Nutrition
  • Therapy / counseling
  • B12 shots

It is not only the goal of Love and Kaier to assist in the health and wellness of their clients, but they are passionate about helping the practitioners in their collective. “The hope is that we will be able to empower our practitioners to grow their businesses and be more proactive in their own personal, professional growth,” says Kaier.

The future plans for Terry St. Collective includes opening an IV Lounge. IV therapy can be used to treat such things as: recovery from cold/flu, recovery from hangovers, dehydration, athletic training recovery and more according to both Love and Kaier.

In addition to the IV Lounge, the group at Terry St. Collective are in the process of establishing a membership program for clients. According to Love, the membership program is a hybrid membership model that empowers practitioners to continue their services with any client outside of the membership.

“We look at healthcare a little bit differently and we are invested in getting Longmont people as healthy as they can be,” states Kaier.

To learn more about Terry St. Collective visit their website at https://www.terrystreetcollective.com/.

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