Boulder County Commissioners Agenda for June 12, 2018

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TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018

9:30 a.m.    Administrative Meeting (Small Conference Room).

10:30 a.m.  BUSINESS MEETING (see separate agenda).

11:00 a.m.   PUBLIC HEARING

                    Parks and Open Space Department:

                    Harper Conservation Easement Acquisition;

                    Proposal to jointly acquire, with the City of

                    Longmont, a conservation easement over

                    approximately 20 acres located at the northwest

                    corner of Highway 66 & East County Line Road.

                    ACTION REQUESTED:  Decision

12:00 p.m.  Commissioners tour St. Vrain Creek Restoration

                   and Old St. Vrain Road flood recovery work.



TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018

10:30 A.M.


1.    Request from Out Boulder to Light Up the Courthouse and

       Display Flag for Pride Month.

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Note for the Record


2.    Building Services Division:  Contract with L4

       Construction, LLC for wildfire storage building and

       asphalt parking services ($263,000).

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

3.    Business Operations Division:  Petition for Abatement

       or Refund of Taxes recommended for approval by the

       Assessor’s Office for Shaun E. Stanberry, R0034103

       (2017 refund $15,362.75).

       ACTION REQUESTED: Approval of recommendation/Signature

4.    Community Services Department:  Contract renewal No. 2

       with the YMCA of Boulder Valley to implement substance

       abuse prevention influencer training, with amendment

       No. 2 to include Exhibits A and B ($38,050).

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

5.    Head Start:  Amended grant award with the Office of

       Head Start / Administration for Children and Families

       for the Head Start Program ($1,251,041 federal +

       $125,984.65 other + $467,204 county match in dollars

       for a total of $1,844,229.65).

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

6.    Information Technology Division:  Contracts

       a.  Renewal No. 3 with Applied Trust for security

            services, with amendment No. 4 to increase the

            not-to-exceed amount to $65,000;

       b.  Renewal No. 1 with OneNeck IT Solutions, LLC for

            Cisco Professional Services, with amendment No. 1

            reducing the contract from $42,900 to $30,000.

        ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

7.    Sheriff’s Office:  Continuing grant-funded agreement

        with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office for the

        Colorado Police Officer Training Grant – North Central

        Region ($311,565).

        ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

8.     Transportation Department:  Award Bid 6843-18, Lee

        Hill Drive Overlay, Culvert and Guardrail Replacement,

        to the lowest, most responsible bidder KECI Colorado,

        Inc. ($631,792).

        ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

9.    Transportation Department:  Contract renewal No. 1

        with Felsburg Holt & Ullevig for oil and gas

        transportation impact fee analysis, with amendment to

        increase funding (additional $40,000 for a new

        contract total of $117,360).

        ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

10.  Transportation Department:  Travis Family Living

       Trust Agreement for the Boulder Canyon Trail Project.

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

11.  Parks and Open Space Department:  Amendment No. 6 to

       the flood-related contract with Engineering Analytics,

       Inc. for South St. Vrain Creek breaches restoration,

       adding to the scope of work (additional not-to-exceed

       $2,577.56 for a new contract total of $1,234,472.56).

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

12.  Resource Conservation Division:  Agreement with Alpine

       Waste & Recycling for supply hauler services ($25,000).

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature


Elected Officials and Department Heads Matters

13.  County Attorney’s Office:  Second reading of Ordinance

       2018-01, repealing and replacing Boulder County

       Ordinance 2006-2 and authorizing the declaration of

       open fire bans by the Board of County Commissioners or

       the County Sheriff.

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Adoption / Signature

14.  Land Use Department:  Request for determination whether

       to call up Docket SPR-18-0013 (Reyes Indoor Riding

       Arena & Barn) for public hearing.

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Decision

Commissioners Matters

15.  Budget Office:  2018 Budget Adjustment Requests

       a.  Transportation Department – Fleet Services


       b.  Transportation Department – Fleet Services


       c.  Sheriff’s Office ($360,000);

       d.  Commissioners’ Office – Sustainability ($8,671).

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

16.  Boards and Commissions:  Resignations

       a.  Planning Commission – Sean Stewart


       b.  Community Action Programs Administering Board

            – Jamie Brandess (Private Sector).

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Note for the Record

17.  Commissioners’ Office:  Resolutions

       a.  2018-56, In support of the United Nations Convention

            on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination

            Against Women;

       b.  2018-57, Proclaiming the month of June as Immigrant

            Heritage Month in Boulder County;

       c.  2018-58, Proclaiming the week of June 18 as Latino

            Festival Week in Boulder County.

       ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval / Signature

18.  Authorization for the Board to go into Executive Session

       at 11:00 am. on Wednesday, June 13 with Ben Pearlman,

       County Attorney, pursuant to CRS 24-6-402(4)(b) Legal


       ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval

Administrative Matters

19.  Scheduling and Communications.

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