Boulder County Commissioners’ Agenda for Dec. 6

Meetings are held in the Commissioners' Hearing Room, Downtown County Courthouse, Third Floor, 1325 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colo. (map) unless otherwise noted. The Hullinghorst Room and the Small Conference Room are also located on the third floor of the downtown courthouse. Commissioners' meetings and hearings are webstreamed and archived for viewing online. Public comments are taken at meetings designated as Public Hearings.

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Boulder County Commissioners --Source: Boulder County Commissioner Website.



10:00 a.m.  Administrative Meeting (Small Conference Room).

10:30 a.m.  BUSINESS MEETING (see separate agenda).

11:00 a.m.  PUBLIC MEETING
Commissioners’ Office:
Board of County Commissioners’ 2019 State
Legislative Agenda.

2:00 p.m.   PUBLIC HEARING
Land Use Department:
Docket LU-18-0022 Rocky Mountain Sundance, LLC;
Limited Impact Special Review to recognize an
existing nonconforming use as a Use of Community
Significance for remodeling and expanding the
lodge and café structures on an approximately
7.8-acre parcel at 23942 Peak to Peak Highway.
The proposed project is located in the Forestry
Zoning District at 23942 Peak to Peak Highway
(SH 119), on the north side of the highway,
approximately 1.15 miles from its intersection
with Eldora Road, in Section 24, T1S, R73W.
This docket will be tabled indefinitely.

3:00 p.m.   PUBLIC HEARING
Land Use Department:
Docket SE-18-0015 Vosper BLA; Boundary Line
Adjustment to shift the boundary of 6897 and
6907 Marshall Drive north of the existing shed
and residence on 6907 Marshall Drive. This
Boundary Line Adjustment will resolve non-
conforming structures in the setback on 6897
Marshall Drive and allow the owners to address
drainage issues impacting their property. The
proposal is located at 6897 & 6907 Marshall
Drive, approximately 2.3 miles east of the
intersection with SH 93 and Marshall Drive, in
Section 14, T1S, R70W.
This docket will be tabled to January 10, 2019 
                   at 11:00 a.m.



10:30 A.M.


1.  Land Use Department:
Contract amendment No. 1 with SAFEBuilt Colorado, LLC,
which provides roofing inspection services, to increase
the not-to-exceed amount from $24,999 to $33,399.
ACTION REQUESTED: Approval / Signature

2.  Parks and Open Space Department:
Flood-Related Contracts
a.  Applegate Group, Inc. for engineering services for
West Lake and A-Frame Reservoir Rehabilitation
including engineering services for construction phase
b.  Engineering Analytics, Inc. for engineering services
for the Western Mobile Lake 4 Dam / Reservoir
ACTION REQUESTED: Approval / Signature

3.  Parks and Open Space Department:
Continuing Services Contracts
a.  Renewal No. 2 with Flatirons Inc. Surveying and
Engineering for professional land surveying services
(not to exceed $50,000);
b.  Renewal No. 2 with North Fork Native Plants, Inc. for
Boulder County Parks and Open Space native plant material
services (not to exceed $50,000);
c.  Renewal No. 4 with Preventive Maintenance for property
maintenance services for rental houses (not to exceed
ACTION REQUESTED: Approval / Signature

4.  Sheriff’s Office:
Addendum to Multiple-Year Lease Agreements and Maintenance
and Supply Agreements with Capital Business System
a.  Replacement of the Mailroom’s multi-function, network
printer/copy/scanner ($8,100 through 7/31/2021);
b.  Replacement of Records’ multi-function, network printer/
copy/scanner ($8,100 through 7/31/2021).
ACTION REQUESTED: Approval / Signature

5.  Transportation Department:
Continuing Services Contract renewal No. 3 with Drexel,
Barrell & Co. for civil/structural services, with amendment
No. 3 to incorporate new rate sheet (not to exceed $500,000).
ACTION REQUESTED: Approval / Signature

6.  Resource Conservation Division:
Contract renewal No. 2 with Western Disposal Services, Inc.
for in-house trash, in-house compost, drop-off center
recycling and compactor maintenance services, with amendment
No. 2 to incorporate the 2019 Pricing Schedules and to
increase the not-to-exceed amount from $275,000 to $285,000.
ACTION REQUESTED: Approval / Signature


Elected Officials and Department Heads Matters

7.  Land Use Department:
Request for a one-year extension and adoption of a corrected
Resolution 2018-131 related to Docket SE-16-0005 (Sween
Boundary Line Adjustment and Townsite Lot Recognition).
ACTION REQUESTED: Decision / Adoption / Signature

Commissioners Matters

8.  Boards and Commissions:
Resignations from the Housing and Human Services Advisory
Committee (Bobbie Watson, Dalia Dorta, Karen Rahn and Marc
ACTION REQUESTED: Note for the Record

Administrative Matters

9.  Scheduling and Communications.

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